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Royal protocol

Campus prepares for royal visit Organizing the arrival of a King and Queen is no small feat, but to Barb Larson Taylor, the Assistant to the President for Special Projects, it’s just another day in the office. “I’m a big […]

Calendar (9/28/12)

* The Calendar Page is considered editorial. The opinions expressed herein are not the opinions of The GusTavian Weekly, but rather the journal of King Carl XVI Gustaf from his last visit to America. Weird how the same events are […]

Cloudy with a chance of musing

The perfect storm The new sesquicentennial sculpture on campus has aroused a lot of conversation. The poem that initially inspired the sculpture describes the growing and turning of the Gustavus community, and while this does represent much of what Gustavus […]

And so it goes

The innocence of Muslims, the guilt of social media In June of 2012, a low-budget YouTube film, “The Innocence of Muslims,” was released depicting the Muslim religion through an anti-Islamic, Western perspective. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian, illustrated […]

Riley’s rants

Slacktivism, a dangerous pastime OMG Joseph Kony is such an awful man! All those poor little children, they need my help… There’s only one thing a middle class college student like me can do! Hit this “Like” button! Has the […]

Food for thought

Finding our silver lining I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the effect of one’s outlook on their experiences. We are a generation living in a time defined by gradual, global crisis. It’s tempting to develop a fatalistic attitude towards […]

Gustavus fitness classes in review

The Weekly’s Assistant Sports and Fitness Editor gets “the skinny” so you don’t have to Because Gusties are notoriously busy with classes, extra-curricular activities and maintaining their social relationships amongst many other aspects of being a college student, working out […]

Mike Carroll discusses recent induction into…

…Edina Athletics Hall of Fame On Thursday, Sept. 20, Gustavus Head Baseball and Women’s Hockey Coach Mike Carroll was inducted into the Edina High School Athletic Hall of Fame. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame because of his […]

Women’s Cross Country: hungry for success

The women’s Cross Country team has competed in three meets so far this season, and has been taking great strides towards reaching their goals this season. On Sept. 8, the women placed second out of five teams at the St. […]