Earth Jam…

Six hours of entertainment from Gusties and local performers

In an effort to celebrate the changing of the seasons, KGSM Student Radio and the Musical B.A.R. are reviving the old CAB tradition of an annual outdoor festival featuring music, dance, acting and comedy. Earth Jam Revolution (EJR) will be a six hour celebration in Eckman Mall on Friday, May 11.

“KGSM wanted to put on an outdoor music festival and live-broadcast it over the Internet. Musical B.A.R. wanted to put on one last Open B.A.R. for the year. Since the two groups had been planning on collaborating, both agreed this would be a great time to begin that partnership and merge our two end-of-the-year events into something much bigger,” First-year Chelsea Farr said, treasurer for both KGSM and Musical B.A.R.

This special festival will not only feature much-loved Gustavus acts, but also welcome local performers from the cities and other schools. Headlining the event will be the Minneapolis band, Eden.

“Eden has a sound that aspires to fill airwaves and arenas both. Featuring piano soundscapes and larger than life vocal melodies, these five have their sights set on big things,” said the Twin Cities Music Blog.

“Earth Jam is unique because not only does it welcome Gustavus performers, it brings in local performers who are looking to get some recognition. In this way I think Earth Jam contributes to the Gustavus value of community and including everyone,” Sophomore Musical B.A.R. Co-President, Zeynep Tuzcu said.

Performers will be dispersed across a main stage, as well as two smaller side stages. Some Gustavus acts scheduled to perform are The Hiccups, Albino Rhino, Cam Nelson & The Samsquamsh Family Band, Neon & The Noble Gases and the Real Easy Jazz Quartet.

“Preparation has been absolutely hectic,” Tuzcu said.

Farr has essentially built the event from the ground up in the past two weeks, contacting local businesses for sponsorship and recruiting bands from the area.

“[Chelsea] has done an incredible job of pulling all of it together,” Tuzcu said.

“We’ve been operating on a very limited budget. It’s pretty hard trying to put together such a big event with so little funding, but I think we’ve done really well with what we’ve had so far,” KGSM General Manager, Junior Amelia Holmes said.

“Time and budget constraints have really been difficult to overcome, but nothing’s impossible for a group of extremely motivated and highly skilled Gustavus students. It also helps that we’re all merrily insane enough to try and plan this huge festival, regardless of the difficulties,” Farr said.

In addition to a wide array of acts, vendors will be dispersed across the festival, offering everything from barbecue to jewelry to henna artistry.

Earth Jam Revolution is anticipating 600 to 800 people throughout the evening. In putting this on, KGSM and the Musical B.A.R. are relying on their organizations and volunteers.

“We need volunteers. It will be so much fun,” Tuzcu said.

As the date rolls closer, staff not only find themselves staying busy, but also getting excited for what’s to come. The event not only has entertainment value, but is also a chance for the two organizations to grow closer and stronger.

“EJR is the beginning of a wonderful working relationship between KGSM and Musical B.A.R., as well as KGSM’s exciting re-introduction to Gustavus, regional and collegiate radio culture,” Farr said.

“It is free, there will be beautiful music, beautiful people and a beautiful environment. I’m so excited,” Tuzcu said.

Farr sums up the bottom line of the festival: “We want to provide an opportunity for Gustavus performers to perform alongside performers from other schools and cities while simultaneously drawing in people from all walks of life to celebrate the arts and have a good time.”

Because the main stage has filled so quickly, only acoustic acts and acts not needing electricity are being accepted at this time. If anyone is interested in performing, volunteering or tabling for their organization at the festival, contact

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