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Day: December 2, 2011 | The Gustavian Weekly

Celebrate Julljus: Light from the Old World, Light of the New.

Christmas in Christ Chapel is an annual event in which over 300 Gustavus students, faculty and staff participate. The event takes place Dec. 2, 3 and 4 and includes five performances. Over 1,000 people are expected to attend each performance […]

Fellowships Office helps Gusties find aid

Established three years ago, the Fellowships Office is dedicated to helping driven and passionate students obtain competitive fellowships. Directed by Professor Alisa Rosenthal of the political science department, the office is dedicated to matching fellowships to students of all academic […]

Tech Services launches Virtual Lab

Gustavus Technology Services rolled out the latest in technological advancement this semester with the introduction of a new and cutting edge service, the Gustavus Virtual Lab. The Virtual Lab is a program that allows users to remotely connect to a […]

pre-election events

As the upcoming presidential election gets closer and closer, the two political groups on campus—the College Democrats and the College Republicans—are keeping busy with current events and gearing up for future plans. With Pizza and Politics, the Lindau Symposium, the […]

The Art of Gaming

James Freetly – Calendar Editor SPOILER ALERT – Grand Theft Auto IV & Red Dead Redemption Yes, I’ll admit I have killed my fair share of hookers. But it seems like your lay person thinks that every video game should come […]

…a part of the narrative

There is a public secret at Gustavus. It is a largely unspoken name. It is a name that can evoke intense emotion, debate, discussion, political discourse and briefly divide the closest of friends. It is unknown to the first-years, and […]

The choice is yours

I miss cootie catchers. Fortune tellers, paper 8-balls, whatever. They went by different names, but those of us treated to the American public elementary school experience most likely came across the little origami decision machines at some point. It seems silly […]

Facial inequality

An overwhelming number of today’s men are facing a crisis. Through no fault of their own, many men are unable to grow a mustache, and thus are unable to be real men. This tragedy affects millions of men from every […]

Smoking ban up in smoke

The smoking ban debate on campus is like a cancer; you always think it’s gone, but then years later it sprouts back up. I get the reasons for why some students support the proposed smoking ban, but let’s actually look […]

RE: Bottled Water

Bottled water: It harms our environment, uses up our dwindling natural resources and uses up our college tuition money. Gustavus and its students can help put an end to this problem. Students should use reusable bottles! Students who buy one […]