Dancing with the Profs on November 6

The Campus Activites Board, GAC TV and Gustavus Swing Club are hosting the fifth Annual Dancing with the Profs, which will take place on Saturday, Nov. 6, at 7:30 p.m. in Alumni Hall. The selection of students and professors participating occurred last week. Tabling outside the Marketplace was done for nominations. “After tallying up nominations, I pretty much go down the list and approach these … Continue reading Dancing with the Profs on November 6

Gustavus Annual Fund program November 1

The Gustavus Annual Fund website says, “Tuition covers only a portion of Gustavus’s operating costs. The gap is bridged by loyal donors who choose to support higher education through the Gustavus Annual Fund.” The Annual Fund is comprised of gifts from alumni, parents, friends and even current students of the college. Eighty percent of the funds support scholarships and other financial aid, and the other … Continue reading Gustavus Annual Fund program November 1

Sara Dziuk ’02 joins Admission Possible

Gustavus alumna Sara (Brigger) Dziuk ’02 was recently named Executive Director of Admission Possible Twin Cities. Admission Possible is a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul dedicated to helping low-income high school students prepare for and earn admission to college by providing ACT/SAT test preparation, admissions and financial aid consulting and guidance in the transition to college. The organization assists in aiding these students in … Continue reading Sara Dziuk ’02 joins Admission Possible

Alex Legeros – The philosophy of being well rounded

Alex Legeros is one of Gustavus’s shining seniors. As an honors philosophy major, he pursues his study while acting as one of the department assistants and tutors. “Studying philosophy doesn’t mean reading books by dead old white men. I love philosophy because it is an examination of the self. It is the way humanity attempts to understand what it is while also discovering the amazing … Continue reading Alex Legeros – The philosophy of being well rounded

Shining Light on Film Noir

When you sit down with Professor of Physics Paul Saulnier to talk about the world of Film Noir, he’ll probably begin his explanation by giving you his favorite quote from the documentary Bringing Darkness Into Light. “Film Noir is a film movement in the American cinema between the ‘40s and ‘50s that poses one central theme: You’re f***ed.” The quote makes the audience laugh, but … Continue reading Shining Light on Film Noir

Halloween: Christmas for partygoers?

I LOVE Halloween. This coming weekend is one of my favorites of the year, second only to, perhaps, Christmas. Clearly, I don’t make these decisions based on the weather (where did those 60s go?) but rather on some experience that comes with the holidays themselves. I’m not badmouthing Christmas. In all honesty, I love December more than any other month, and it even comes with … Continue reading Halloween: Christmas for partygoers?