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By Lindsay Lelivelt Features Editor | January 22, 2010 | Features

Rundstrom Hall. Lindsay Lelivelt.

Arbor View

Arbor View Apartments house 59 students in apartment-style living. Each apartment contains a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, and kitchen. The apartments are furnished with a sofa, chairs, dining room table, and a bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair for each occupant. There is no computer lab.

Prairie View

Prairie View Hall is the smallest residence hall on campus and is reserved for students pledging to live in a “substance-free” environment. It has double occupancy rooms arranged along common corridors and houses 54 students. It is the most centrally located dorm on campus.


Rundstrom Hall houses 90 men and women in double-occupancy rooms on alternate floors. Residents range from sophomores to seniors. It has a kitchen, study lounge and TV room and is also equipped with a small chapel.


Complex houses men and women, mostly sophomores, but juniors and seniors can live there, too. It is divided into three parts: North, Gibbs and Sorensen. The four floors have double occupancy rooms arranged along corridors. The building contains a large recreational lounge in the basement, television room and a kitchen. Sorensen has the best furniture, Gibbs has the least amount of space and the fewest bathrooms.

Pittman & Sohre

These dorms have double-occupancy rooms arranged along corridors, each of which is equipped with a vanity and sink. The two dorms house 190 students each.They are located on the south side of the campus, near Confer/Vickner.  Sohre houses mostly first-year students with a small number of double rooms for sophomore through senior students on third & fourth floors. Pittman houses first-year students.

Carlson International Center

The Carlson International Center brings together three separate programs: the Crossroad Program, Swedish House and the Center for International and Cultural Education. Completed in 2000, Carlson International Center houses 70 students in suite-style units with 4 people per suite plus 8 students in the Swedish House. Single and double occupancy bedrooms are available within the suite structure. Each suite contains a bathroom for the four occupants.


This dorm was originally designed on the Harvard plan, with six stairwell/entrances (one serving each “house”) opening to a common interior courtyard. Three different sizes of suites are available, accommodating between two and six students. Uhler houses 185 students.The lower level has a kitchen, study room, computer room, television room, laundry and lounge. Currently, Uhler Hall is an upper class residence, with priority given to juniors and seniors. The rooms  for doubles and triples are pretty small, but manageable. Uhler is located right across from the campus center.

College View

The College View Apartments house 138 upper-class students. Each of these student apartments has two bedrooms, a kitchen, one or two bathrooms and lots of storage. The apartments are furnished with a sofa, chair, dining room table and chairs, and a bed, dresser, desk and desk chair for each occupant.


Southwest Hall houses 190 students and also provides a hostel space for off-campus groups and summer programs. The hall has four person, two bedroom apartments, complete with kitchen and bath, on three levels of its south wing. The west wing has suites with either four or six individual student bedrooms, a lounge space and one or two baths on each of the three levels.