Pathways for progress

At Gustavus, many of us have erected a wall of antipathy toward each other and our differences.  By exaggerating differences and divisions, this wall separates and paralyzes us from coming together on points of agreement in order to pursue practical progress and realistic reforms.

The student-led Campus Initiative Program titled ‘Pathways to Progress’ is intended as a vehicle for tearing down this wall in order to advance opportunities to work together for good. Our vision proclaims that: “Although Gustavus is a diverse body of students with sometimes bitter ideological divisions, ‘Pathways to Progress’ will work to find points of intersection from which we can work together to intentionally achieve great things.” Alone, we are divided.  Together, we can seek out “Pathways to Progress.”

With your help, that progress can be realized in our community at Gustavus. Therefore, our group now advocates the adoption of “Diversity Amendments.” The first is a policy which will procure for all student organizations the right to be entirely independent of the Student Senate in their decision-making, and to have autonomy in the execution of their day-to-day operations.

We also assert that a wide array of groups with varying interests within the student body ensures a strong fabric of diversity. That is, we believe that requiring groups to manage their own affairs encourages leadership, excellence, and community.

Therefore, we call upon the Student Senate to create a second policy as well:  Allocation guidelines requiring that the dispersing of funds to recognized student groups be done in a viewpoint-neutral manner with the intention of enabling and encouraging participation in the campus community.

Classmates, please join us in supporting these initiatives that will unite our campus community, and foster more diversity amongst us.  Progress is a banner that we all can unite beneath.

Phil Cleary ‘11