Cafeteria Creations

According to Princeton Review, Gustavus Adolphus College has the eighth best college cafeteria in the nation. While the food in the Market Place is indeed delicious, it can still get monotonous over the length of four years.

To keep the monotony to a minimum, many students have come up with their own recipes for new and delicious meals. Ranging from beverages to desserts, sandwiches to salads, these new recipes simply take the staples of the Market Place and add a new spin on campus cuisine.

The Weekly teamed up with Junior Music Major Sam Grace to bring the most creative and delicious innovations in cafeteria creations to you. Grace started compiling and collecting recipes last year in the hopes of putting together a Gustavus student cookbook and has agreed to share some favorites.

This is only a taste of how creative one can get in the cafeteria. Keep an eye out for Grace’s book in the future for more tasty ideas.All recipes are student created and made with everyday ingredients found inside the Market Place. If you have any tasty recipes you would like to suggest for the cookbook, feel free to contact Grace at

Flatbread Pizza

bethany pizza
Step 1: Spread sauce on flatbread
Step 2: Arrange onions, tomatoes and spinach
Strep 3: Generously add spices and top with cheese
Step 4: Toast until done
(hint: try setting toaster higher on top than on bottom)

Ingredients: flatbread (available occasionally), red sauce, onions, diced tomatoes, spinach, provalone cheese, italian seasoning, garlic powder

Submitted by Bethany Ringdal ‘11

Arnold Palmer

Step 1: Fill cup half with lemonade
Step 2: Fill rest of cup with unsweetened ice tea
Step 3: Stir and enjoy


sam bruscetta
Step 1: In fruit cup, pour about 1/4 cup olive oil
Step 2: Pour teaspoon balsalmic vinegar and add a dash black pepper
Step 3: Get about seven tomatoes from the deli; dice well with butter knife
Step 4: Mix ingredients: Spread on toasted garlic bread; add parmesean cheese

Submitted by Sam Grace ’11

Southwest Chicken Sub

Step 1: Get grilled chicken from the grill. Using a knife and fork, pull the chicken apart into shreds
Step 2: Place shredded chicken on a sub sandwich bun from deli
Step 3: Add three slices pepperjeck cheese and send through toaster
Step 4: Top with chipotle sauce from deli

Submitted by Sam Grace ‘11

Fruit Parfait

bethany parfait
Step 1: Yogurt of your choice
Step 2: Granola
Step 3: Fruit of your choice (strawberries available by waffles)
Step 4: Repeat layers
Step 5: Mix and enjoy

Submitted by Bethany Ringdal ‘11

Tacos in a Bag

Step 1: Get bag of Doritos, crunch before opening
Step 2: Go to taco line
Step 3: Go crazy with toppings

Mandarin Salad

bethany salad
Step 1: Get some spinach
Step 2: Add some balsamic vinegar
Step 3: Add olive oil
Step 4: Scoop some mandarin oranges on top

Submitted by Bethany Ringdal ‘11

Deviled Eggs

Step 1: Crumble egg yolk in bowl
Step 2: In separate bowl, mix honey mustard and worchestershire to correct consistency
Step 3: Mix into other bowl, make sure chunks are well mixed
Step 4: Place in eggs and add paprika for color

Ingredients: boiled eggs, paprika, lemon juice, mayo, honey mustard, worchestershire sauce

Submitted by Clem Auyeung ‘12

Garden Veggie Sandwich

bethany veggie sandwich
Step 1: Toast one sesame seed bagel
Step 2: Add Garden Veggie cream cheese
Step 3: Add two slices provolone cheese
Step 4: Add sliced tomatoes, spinach and alfalfa sprouts.

Submitted by Bethany Ringdal ‘11

Fried Ice Cream

Step 1: Fill large bowl with soft serve vanilla ice cream
Step 2: Top with Special K cereal
Step 3: Drizzle with honey, cinnamon sugar

Submitted by Kim Braun ‘11

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  1. It seems the students have a taste for Italian flavors. Now that “Julia” has premiered, perhaps they would have time to include their French favorites? School is a great place to learn the relationship between culture and cuisine. The Mandarin Salad was a great Asian diffusion example. We hope to see a glass of chardonnay on the side included in future presentations!

  2. Relationship between culture and cuisine? maybe they are just tired of eating the same garbage day after day? now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some chicken (in one form or another) to eat.

  3. Thank you very much for your sharing. If I have any question in the future, please kindly give me suggestion.

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