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Month: September 2009 | The Gustavian Weekly

Now part of Google News

We wanted to let everyone know that The Weekly is now a part of Google News, a large collection of syndicated news by Google. Check out our content on Google News!

New logo and E-mail subscriptions

We just made a few changes to The Weekly’s website design. The most notable change is the logo! We removed the tagline (The Gustavus Adolphus College Student Newspaper since 1891), in an attempt to create additional synergy with our print […]

A gusty debate

After eight years of research, fundraising and talk, Gustavus is finally prepared to start building one or two wind turbines. However, the project has been brought to a standstill by the Nicollet County Board of Commissioners, who passed an ordinance making it nearly impossible for the College to build a turbine on campus.

Because of this ordinance and a previous moratorium on approving wind-power projects, the Gustavus Board of Trustees delayed consideration of the wind turbine project until its October meeting.

Damned Fire Drills Early In The Mornins

You’re lying in your bed at around 9:30 am in that half-waking, half-sleeping state on the morning that you don’t have class until 11:30, trying to bring back that dream you were just having in which Dr. Zaius from Planet […]

Gustavus to add academic building, redesign Anderson

The Anderson Social Science Center has had a very unique history here at Gustavus. Built in 1948, the building originally housed the campus library, which was named Folke Bernadotte in 1950. The library remained in this building for 30 years […]

Tickets run dry for Nobel Conference 2009: H2O

For 45 years, Gustavus has had the honor of hosting international experts for the annual Nobel Conference. This year is no different as the Gustavus community is preparing to host H2O: Uncertain Resource on October 6 and 7, 2009. This […]

Christopher Stewart: Making a difference in education

Just as four of his family members had before him, Chris Stewart made the decision to become a Gustie over three years ago. In fact, Chris was so sure of his desire to join the Gustavus community that it was […]

Interpretive Center to host biannual Arboretum clean up

As the school year goes on, the courses we take become more demanding, we become more involved in activities on campus and the projects and papers begin to pile up. Stress levels may rise and you may feel like you […]

Gustavus Ink

If you haven’t noticed, THE WEEKLY isn’t the only thing covered in ink on campus these days. More and more students are getting tattoos as they become less and less of a stigma. As television shows like “Miami” and “LA […]

Pulitzer Prize winner Sonia Nazario speaks at Gustavus

Aided by the Isabel Allende Foundation, Olga Sanchez built a bakery where mutilated migrants can work and raise money for prosthetics and medical treatments. In San Diego, a school started a campaign to raise money for Guatemalan women. Individuals have […]