GUSTIE of the WEEK: Jasper Gantriis

Emma Esteb – Staff Writer Jasper Gantriis (‘23), Gustie of the Week, is a personable and well-spoken individual who is from Mahtomedi, Minnesota. Gantriis is a Business Management major with a minor in Statistics. On campus, he is a member of Kappa Sigma Chi fraternity, where he has created lifelong friendships. The purpose and mission of the fraternity itself is to “come together to develop camaraderie … Continue reading GUSTIE of the WEEK: Jasper Gantriis

Gusties recognize Denim Day

Emma Kelsey – Staff Writer On the last Wednesday of every April, Denim Day takes place as a part of Sexual Assult Awareness Month. This day promotes action and awareness on the topic of sexual assault, especially as it relates to victim blaming. People are encouraged to wear denim, not only as a promotion of the movement, but a stand in solidarity with victims who are … Continue reading Gusties recognize Denim Day

The disappearances in Lund

Jonas Doerr – Opinion Columnist The disappearances started a couple weeks ago. At first they started slow, and then they started vanishing in bunches. I would walk into Lund Center and sense a certain emptiness, knowing somewhere another exercise machine was missing. The 3rd floor was hit first. I didn’t even get to say one last goodbye to the chest press and seated row machines. One … Continue reading The disappearances in Lund

The library deserves a renovation

David Eide – Opinion Columnist This week, the new Lund expansion officially opens for public use which has prompted some thought on my part regarding the future of other Gustavus buildings. Of course, the renovation of Lund is not done and likely will not be done for several more years but still I found my curiosity was piqued. On the Show the World fundraising campaign website … Continue reading The library deserves a renovation

A lesson in composting

Cadence Paramore – Assistant Editor-in-Chief All around campus there are numerous bins for Gusties to dispose of their waste. We have your typical garbage and recycling bins, though the disappointment of the recycling bins not adhering to your anticipated “blue” is unsatisfying. And finally our green compost bins which are the most misunderstood. With Gusties being “undeniably” smart and, more-than-not, environmentally conscious– it’s baffling how … Continue reading A lesson in composting

Movies From Swank: John Wick: Chapter 2

Will Sorg Director and veteran stuntman Chad Stahelski understands action better than almost any other filmmaker in the industry. His direction for John Wick was a seminar on fight sequences. Each stylish, heart pounding, bloody minute of the first film in the action series was choreographed to near perfection and shot with a level of professionalism that showed Stahelski knew exactly what he was doing- … Continue reading Movies From Swank: John Wick: Chapter 2

Baseball takes on St. John’s, St. Scholastica

Alli Joerger – Staff Writer As Gustie baseball approaches the end of its season, the team entered two important games this week with the obvious goal to win and maintain their dominance in the conference as the number three seed. The Gusties were only partly successful in this matter as they lost to St. John’s University 4-13 and 11-23 on May 1, and then split the … Continue reading Baseball takes on St. John’s, St. Scholastica