Goodbye and Hello from the Past and Future News Editor

Anna Edblad – News Editor

Unfortunately, dear readers, your trusted news editor must bid you farewell. Over the past four years at Gustavus I have learned some very important pieces of information: all of which I have forgotten and you don’t care enough to read. However, the best tip and only tip that I’ll leave you with is something I learned during my 3 years as the news editor for THE GUSTAVIAN WEEKLY; it pays to be a gossip.

So thank you Gustavus for paying me to talk smack PUBLICLY once a week for the last 3 years. money well spent if you ask me.
Not only has THE WEEKLY given me a public platform to make fun of ResLife, but it’s also given me friends and pizza scented memories that will last a lifetime. Another thank you to THE WEEKLY staff for always being the high and low of my Wednesday nights.

Finally, before I leave you for the big bright world. I’d like to thank the fellow campus gossips, the people who read THE WEEKLY, and the people who always responded to my emails.
Also, thank you to The Fourth Crown for reporting all the jokes I can’t make here. good luck being funny without me. Peace and love.
Fun Fact: I’ll miss Clare. Have fun living my room.
Good luck!

Carter Brown – News Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Carter Brown and I will be the new News Editor here at the Weekly!
I am a Political Science major and I am really passionate about how things really are and finding out the truth of things, as well as learning more about things I didn’t know previously. I want to help be a part of a group that seeks to inform and create a more knowledgeable community, and I know that sounds cheesy, but at the end of the day it’s just what I’m drawn to!. As for a little about me, I am a Sophomore here at Gustavus and I love food and everything surrounding it! This includes cooking, eating, and even just watching people make food. It’s such a beautiful thing, I think. I also enjoy taking long naps, I love drama shows and I especially love my cat, Monti! I dabble in drawing here and there and if you could ever find me anywhere it would probably be at Little Szechuan Hot Pot in Saint Paul; it’s my favorite restaurant here and the great thing about Minnesota is that it’s always cold enough for hot pot.
I’m looking forward to serving in this role as the News Editor, so I hope we can all continue to do great things.