MN Vaccine Update (3/19/2021)

Marie Osuna – Staff Writer

Minnesota recently opened up COVID-19 vaccinations for a new group of people. Previously, only health care workers, long term care residents, educators, childcare workers and those over the age of 65 were eligible. Now, people with specific underlying health conditions, frontline and targeted essential workers (such as those in food processing plants) and people over the age of fifty living in multi-generational housing are permitted to receive vaccinations.
The new vaccine group also includes people age 45 or older with at least one underlying medical condition, or age 16 or older with two or more underlying medical conditions.
Underling medical conditions include sickle cell disease, Down Syndrome, chronic heart or lung conditions, undergoing cancer treatment or being pregnant. For more information about what conditions qualify, visit
According to President Biden in an address to the nation, it is expected that everyone wanting a vaccine will be able to receive one by this May.
Gustavus community members have options on where to get their vaccine. In addition to their local healthcare provider, the vaccine is or will soon be available at St. Peter and Mankato Hyvees, Walmart, Sam’s Club and CVS. Gustavus has also been approved as a distribution site, and will be able to vaccinate students and other community members when doses are available.
Minnesota residents can register to be notified when vaccines are available for them at

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