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Day: September 6, 2019 | The Gustavian Weekly

Swanson Tennis Center receives long overdue facelift: Gustavus Tennis begins year under new bubble

Swanson Tennis Center during deflation.

The Gustavus campus underwent many changes this past summer. One change that is still underway is the Swanson Tennis Center upgrade. The Swanson Tennis Center is quite noticeable on campus due to its large indoor tennis arena. The tennis center’s […]

Campus Safety Report (9/6/2019)

Monday, August  26 ● No incidents reported Tuesday, August  27 ● No incidents reported Wednesday, August  28 ● Campus safety responded to a fire alarm in North Hall. A student accidentally caused the alarm while cooking in Sorensen Hall basement. Thursday, August  […]

Department shuffling causes confusion: Three department offices relocate for the 2019-2020 school year

Many Gustavus Students are excited to be back on the hill and to explore the new Nobel Hall expansion, but Nobel Hall is not the only place where changes are happening this fall.  The Jackson Campus Center and Johnson Student […]

Move-in Crew helps first-years settle in

Swanson Tennis Center during deflation.

The weather was kind to the class of 2023 as they moved into their respective dorms this year. There was no rain, the sun wasn’t too intense, and there was a good breeze as students carried everything from books to […]

Preview: The Shogren-Meyer Collection

Shogren’s fascination with working life in the 1930’s is a common focal point of his work.

Beginning Monday, September 9, The Hillstrom Museum of Art will present Industry, Work, Society, and Travails in the Depression Era: American Paintings and Photographs from the Shogren-Meyer Collection. The exhibition features paintings and photographs by around sixty different artists, mostly […]

Gustie of the Week: Taylor Kmiech

Taylor was inspired by her first Collegiate Fellow, Taylor Claeys

As Gustavus enters the beginning of the upcoming school year, there are plenty of students that have settled back into life on the hill. One of these individuals is Taylor Kmiech, a senior English major and dance minor who comes […]

Gustie of the Week: Dean Willaert

Shogren’s fascination with working life in the 1930’s is a common focal point of his work.

The first Gustie of the Week for this academic year is Dean Willaert, who has worked at Gustavus for almost nineteen years. Willaert goes by many titles including Lead Groundsperson, Project Coordinator and Heavy Equipment Operator. Willaert loves to work […]

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Challenge call-out culture on campus

Change cannot happen in a vaccum, you have to start a conversation.

As our culture becomes ever more connected and engaged, so does the pursuit of social justice and equality. With the emergence of platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it has become as easy as picking up your phone to “call-out” […]

Broaden your horizons by going abroad

Studying abroad can provide you one of a time experiences across the globe.

One large factor in why students choose to go to Gustavus is its mass of varying study away opportunities. Studying away gives students skills, knowledge and new perspectives that they wouldn’t be able to achieve on campus. Gustavus has programs […]