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By Elsa Beise - Staff Writer | April 20, 2018 | Gustie of the Week, Variety

MJ is a double major and double minor with numerous extracurriculars.

MJ is a double major and double minor with numerous extracurriculars.

There is a high probability you have seen Megan “MJ” Johnson during your time at Gustavus as she is involved almost everywhere on campus . 

MJ is a senior double major in English and history and a double minor in Japanese studies and comparative literature. 

Not only is she invested in her studies, but MJ is also a Gustie Greeter, Co-Editor of The Fourth Crown, a Student Ambassador, a member of both the Guild of St. Lucia and a competitive force on the Gustavus Forensics team.

“She is willing to help anyone and everyone to any extent and has a heart that encompasses everyone.” – Amanda Hoffman

MJ is hoping to be admitted to the Fulbright program in Vietnam, fulfilling her passion of teaching English. 

“I am a current semi-finalist for the Fulbright program in Vietnam. I have no idea when I will know whether I am accepted or not. I would feel incredibly honored to do so as it would involve me teaching English to high school or college students. 

“If that does not work out, I would love to work at a non-profit for a while,” MJ said. At some point, MJ would also like to attend law school.

MJ likes to keep herself busy by creating her own mini courses in order to learn more about history and other aspects of life. 

She is interested in many topics of history. 

“I like to create little classes or courses for myself. It’s like an independent study. Right now I am in the middle of my ‘Robert F. Kennedy’ course. 

The agenda includes two biographies and the documentary series “American Dynasties: The Kennedy’s.” As for my next course, I think it will be focused around J.Edgar Hoover, the former head of the FBI,” MJ said.

Amanda Hoffman has been on the speech and debate team with MJ for three years. Hoffman notes how MJ has been a great help in terms of organizing the teams and recognizes MJ’s skill for being a leader with a deeply caring personality. 

“MJ is one of the kindest, lovliest, most selfless people I know. She is willing to help anyone and everyone to any extent and has a heart that encompasses everyone. 

“Her presence on campus is so bright and caring,” Hoffman said. Hoffman also appreciates MJ’s ability to give solid advice when needed. 

“She was a superb leader and amazing role model. I thought she did a great job getting [the first-years] acclimated into [Gustavus}.” – Ryan Zamzow

“She won’t just tell you what you want to hear but what you need to. She has experienced a lot in her life and has overcome so many things, so when she talks to you or gives you advice it’s like she’s giving you part of her life,” Hoffman said.

First-year Ryan Zamzow was in MJ’s Gustie Greeter Group during orientation weekend this past year and enjoyed MJ’s passion for the job. 

MJ is currently a Fulbright semi-finalist and is anxiously waiting to hear back regarding the program in Vietnam where she hopes to teach English next year.

“MJ was a great Gustie Greeter because she was always so enthusiastic when working with us. She was a superb leader and amazing role model. I thought she did a great job getting [the first-years] acclimated into [Gustavus],” Zamzow said.

Another first year, Max Kahn, also enjoyed being part of MJ’s Gustie Greeter group during orientation and appreciated her efforts to stay connected to the group during the rest of the academic year, including sending cards and candy during holidays and finals. 

“[MJ] sent me candy in the mail. It was nice and it showed she cares,” Kahn said.

Zamzow thinks that MJ is a great Gustie of the Week because of her communication skills and friendly personality. “She’s a great people person. She’s very fun, energetic, and filled with life,” Zamzow said.

MJ’s mark on the Gustavus community is nothing short of impactful, and her genuine kindness and caring spirit can be felt by many. 

“She’s honestly one of the most wholesome and pure people there are in this world,” Hoffman said.

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