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Meet the Cute Campus Critteres

By The Weekly Staff | October 13, 2017 | Feature Photo, Features

Meet the Cute Campus Critters

Meet the Cute Campus Critters

Gustie Pet Policy

In June of 2016, Gustavus released a pet policy statement that pets are generally not allowed on campus. The rationale behind this is that pets can pose health and safety risks to the campus community including allergies, excessive noise, and discomfort around animals. Gustavus aims to use this policy to promote the well- being of those on campus and protect the College’s property. However, some students are prescribed animals to provide comfort. Therapy pets can reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, and provide companion- ship. Spending time with pets can be a postive way of reducing stress for many students. Gustavus allows students to keep emotional support animals if prescribed by a doctor. Once students obtain a note for their doctor prescribing the pet, students can submit the letter to campus and get their pets approved. After approved, these pets are considered service animals. For those who do not qualify for an emotional sup- port animal, Gustavus allows sh in containers of 15 gallons or less. Otherwise, students can visit the therapy pets owned by other students on campus.

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