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By Kevin Pajor Entertianment Editor | April 17, 2015 | Calendar

“ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” –Oscar Wilde


1. Team with the most Stanley Cup wins

4. To run fast

5. Messenger of the Greek gods

6. Measures softness of bedsheets

7. Dwayne Johnson aka

9. “ Give it your best__”

12. Inventor of quick-freezing foods

14. Acorn is to oak, as needle is to ___

15. Previous president of GAC

16. Actor who played Professor Langdon in “The DaVinci Code

18. The Wild are playing them in the first round


2. Another name for the ‘dark-side” of the force

3. Flying mammal

5. Wolf-looking sled dog

6. Maghreb consists of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and ___

8. Big red dog cartoon for kids

10. To buy used goods at a low price

11. “You’ll shoot your eye out,” film title

13. Capital of Ireland

17. Thirty-sixth president

-Kevin Pajor