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Converse with the Provost on Sept. 29 | The Gustavian Weekly

By Tom Wittwer Staff Writer | September 28, 2014 | News

Each month students are invited to attend the Provost’s Listening Post, a session held by Provost and Dean of the college, Mark J. Braun, which provides an opportunity for students to  discuss any concerns or questions they have related to academics at Gustavus.

Sept. 29 marks this year’s first Provost’s Listening Post.

The event is either positioned on the upper level of the Campus Center, or in the Diversity Center: as is the case for the upcoming Listening Post.

Braun shared more about holding these informal discussion opportunities.

“The Provost is ultimately responsible for the academic program, so I wanted students to feel like they had an avenue to talk to me. Because my day is so structured with meetings and things I have to do, I decided to set aside time to go out and be available for students to come up and talk to me. Students come with a wide range of questions and concerns. It’s gratifying when students have questions or concerns that we can fix.” Braun said.

Assistant to the Provost in Provost’s Office, Shanon Nowell, gave her input regarding  Braun’s Listening Post.

“In the past he has been able to bring ideas and comments back to the office from the students he speaks with, and has proved useful in getting student feedback. The agenda is the students, whatever they have on their minds can be brought up with him and talked about,” Nowell said.

Matt Timmons, a senior communication studies major, expressed his opinion regarding Braun’s Listening Post.

“It’s a symbol of the dedication our college’s administration has to listening to the concerns of the student body. He puts himself in the thick of things right alongside students in a clear demonstration of the value he and Gustavus places on the input of every student.” Timmons said.

So, if you aren’t in class and are interested in stopping by, the Sept. 29 Listening Post is from 10:30-11:30a.m. in the Diversity Center. Braun welcomes all in possession of question or concern.

“It’s a really good way for me to stay in touch with the students and hear what they have to say,” Braun said.

-Tom Wittwer