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Campus Safety Report (12/6/2013) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | December 6, 2013 | Campus safety report

Monday, November 18

  • A Gustavus student reported a theft that occurred in Norelius Hall the previous week.

Thursday, November 21

  • A Campus Safety Officer responded to a medical assist at Pittman Hall.
  • A Campus Safety Officer investigated a report of vandalism in Rundstrom Hall.

Friday, November 22

  • A Gustavus employee reported vandalism containing bias language at the Folke Bernadotte Library.
  • Campus Safety observed property damage at College View.
  • Residential Life staff documented a possible drug/narcotic violation on College grounds.

Saturday, November 23

  • A Gustavus student was cited by Campus Safety for an underage consumption liquor violation while in the Johnson Student Union.
  • Campus Safety cited one student for underage consumption in Norelius Hall.
  • Five students were cited for an of-age/ non-drinking area alcohol violation, six students were cited for underage consumption, and one student was cited for underage possession by Campus Safety in Norelius Hall.
  • Two students while on College grounds were cited for drug/narcotic violations and drug equipment violations by Campus Safety.
  • A student reported a bicycle stolen from the bike rack on the west side of Beck Hall.

Sunday, November 24

  • A student while on College grounds was cited by Campus Safety for underage consumption of alcohol. The student was transported the St. Peter Emergency Room.
  • Campus Safety cited one student for underage consumption and possession in North Hall.
  • A student while in Sohre Hall was cited for underage consumption of alcohol by Campus Safety.
  • Campus Safety cited five students with drug/narcotics and drug equipment violations and one student with an of-age/non-drinking area liquor violation in Sorensen Hall.

Monday, November 25

  • A Campus Safety Officer responded to a medical assist in Southwest Hall.
  • Collegiate Fellows responded to a noise violation in Norelius Hall involving four students.

Tuesday, November 26

  • A Campus Safety Officer responded to a report of a fire extinguisher being dispensed in Sorensen Hall.
  • Campus Safety responded to a welfare check for a missing student in Sohre Hall.
  • A Campus Safety Officer found an individual smoking an illegal substance in Linnaeus Aboretum.

Thursday, November 28

  • A Campus Safety Officer recovered a previously reported stolen bicycle.

Sunday, December 1

  • A Collegiate Fellow responded to an indoor smoking complaint in Uhler Hall.

Tip of the Week:

Winter Driving Safety Tips:

When your car has been outside during a snowfall, brush all the snow off before setting out. Snow left on the front hood will blow into the front vent and cause defrosting problems, and can also melt and re-freeze on the windshield. Snow on the roof will cover the rear window and snow on the rear deck will blow onto tail lights. Pay particular attention to cleaning off headlights and tail lights so that other motorists can see you.