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Wait, What?

Calender (8/30/2013)

* The Calendar Page is considered editorial. The opinions expressed herein are not the opinions of The Gustavian Weekly, but rather the first few pages of National Treasure 3’s screenplay.  Nic Cage is on board because he’s Nic f@#$ing Cage. […]

Excitement is high as teams start preseason training

Women’s Soccer: building on last year’s foundation A year ago, the women’s soccer team was adjusting to a new coach along with the new style of play that the new coach brought to the team. As the team continues to rebuild […]

Drug Deception

Working in a college library all summer, a sizeable number of books passed through my hands, yet I couldn’t let Bad Pharma simply continue on to the routing shelves. Its shocking title – Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors […]

What’s your headline?

This past summer, I attended a convention filled with dozens of enthusiastic journalists and young writers who were eager to learn about what it takes to lead a college newsroom. Being one of those people, I prepared myself for a […]

Renovations on campus aim for efficiency and utility

Market Place Another renovation occurring on campus includes the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines to the Market Place. “Last year, Coca-Cola representatives visited campus. They were wondering if we might be interested in placing them on campus,” Director of Dining […]

Memorial Garden offers a final resting place

A slowly growing national trend is moving across colleges and universities to fit their campuses with final resting places for college faculty, employees, and alumni. Gustavus is currently finishing the construction on a Memorial Garden of its own. The Christ Chapel […]

Gustavus Traditions

The Gustie Greeters’ cheers resonate across campus and it’s clear the first-years have arrived. They’ll learn many new things and meet many new people, but some things will stick with these new students longer than a few semesters. The traditions […]

Gustie of the Week: Charlie Stokes

Everyone knows the Gustie Greeters as being outgoing, caring, and maybe just a little bit crazy. Third-year Greeter and Senior Physics major Charlie Stokes is no exception. In addition to being the Greeter Coordinator this year Stokes is a member […]