Diversity Awards Banquet

Held on May 18th, the Gustavus Diversity Center will be hosting its annual Diversity Banquet Awards in Alumni Hall from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.  This event is held in part to recognize the on-going efforts and accomplishments of students, faculty/staff members, and a campus event that embody and exemplify the values of diversity at Gustavus.

The semi-formal banquet will feature music, dance and food in addition to honors and awards. This year will also have a photo booth.

In the past, the banquet has been known to be a great experience to distinguish the efforts and highlight the progress that has been made in terms of improving relationships within the campus community.

“The banquet was also a great opportunity for me to learn about my peers and their accomplishments, as some very special students were given awards at the banquet and recognized for positively affecting and contributing to the Gustavus community,” Junior Psychological Science and Communications Major Marisol Rojas said. She had attended the previous banquets in the past yearly and emphasizes the occasion as a chance to enjoy a wrap-up of the year while also meeting other individuals.

“This is a great event because it recognizes students who have brought so much to the Gustavus community and have impacted the lives of others through their hard work and dedication,” Rojas said. “It’s able to come together as a community and honor/recognize those who have done so much for the Gustavus community.”

As one of the biggest celebrations hosted by the Diversity Center, it’s important to note that the event is meant to reach many and all populations represented on campus, not just those who frequent the Diversity Center.

“One of the Gustavus pillars is community,” Junior Managament Major and Diversity Leadership Council member Janet Montes-Osorio said. “Diversity is not just about skin color; it’s about sexual orientation, geographic places, and different experiences. It’s critical to acknowledge that diversity, not just in terms of culture, is important.”

The Diversity Leadership Council committee planning the event is hoping that students across campus are aware of the supportive environment and wishes to foster an all-inclusive banquet.

“I would just like to emphasize that this event is open to everyone and I think that sometimes Gusties see it as an event targeted to those who go to the Diversity Center, but that is not the case,” Rojas said. “This event is very welcoming and encourages all to attend because no matter how shy you are, you will leave knowing some great people and future friends.”

As a way to close the year, the banquet promises to bring together good food and good people.

“Students can expect some amazing food,” Sophomore Biology Major Abdi Umur said. After attending the event last year, he speaks to the warm and friendly environment.

“We get to see different people from different organizations and we get to see how many people have contributed to diversity—not just in culture, but in other ways also that we have never thought about before. I was really amazed by that.”

Tickets are being sold up until the date of the event for $10 by the Diversity Center. There will be tabling outside the Evelyn Young Dining Room as well.