Firethorne release party

The 2013 Spring issue is the color edition of the bi-yearly student published journal, which features a 16 page spread of full-color art pieces. It features short-stories, poetry, photography, paintings, and sculptures, all submitted by Gustavus students.

At 7 p.m. May 17 in the Courtyard Caf, everyone is invited to listen to the readings and descriptions of people’s works while enjoying some nice refreshments. Copies of the issue will also be available to attendees for free.

Junior Abby Huff and Senior Kristina Fosse have led a staff of writers and artists who looked through hundreds of submissions from talented students to select the pieces for this issue.

“I’m very proud of our editors and the work they’ve done for this Spring issue of Firethorne. Kristina and Abby have led an amazing staff and together they’ve put together a great literary journal issue,” Faculty Adviser Baker Lawley said.

The issue will contain 41 separate pieces that provide a variety of what Gustavus stu- dents have to offer in terms of creativity.

“Firethorne really shows the creative pulse of our campus community at this specific time we’re currently in, revealing what our students are facing and thinking about and feeling, in a way that doesn’t always show up in academic work or news,” Lawley said.

“Firethorne is important because it’s all student-generated, from the creative works that are submitted to the editorial process of selecting pieces for publication to the design and layout of the magazine, all ending with the fun release party where we all celebrate this work.”

Firethorne will feature photography, paintings, drawings, poetry, and prose.

“I think one thing that always makes Firethorne unique and special is the variety. It’s a great collection of diverse works from students representing a wide range of majors and disciplines. The variety always makes for a very interesting and exciting read,” Senior editor Abby Huff said.

The release party will bring together students and staff looking forward to taking part in Gustavus’ creative spirit.

“The release party is an exciting time to reveal the new issue, which is always very fun for everyone to see it in print,” Junior Editor Jenny Hanson said.

“It is wonderful to hear the pieces read by their authors and to learn a bit of insider information behind the artworks.”

It’s an overall great evening filled with delicious cookies and fantastic writing and art. I encourage everyone to come — it will be a fun time,” said Huff said.