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Letter to the Editor (2-22-13) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | February 22, 2013 | Letters to the Editor

Dear Weekly-

I can’t help but notice all the sex-soliciting posters. As a Lutheran school, we don’t do much to perfect sexual intimacy. The condom and STD posters everywhere lack the encouragement of sexual purity, or waiting till marriage to have sex. I know that a lot of the posters on campus are the nurses trying to keep everyone from possible pregnancies and STDs.

But there is no absolute certainty that either won’t happen if you don’t abstain from sex. Sex is sacred, beautiful and best if kept private! It is the deepest form of intimacy two humans can ever share with one another. I have many highschool friends with children out of wedlock or who are in unstable situations, and after helping them through pregnancy it becomes obvious that if you don’t want to get pregnant yet, to get an STD, or suffer sever emotional baggage..Don’t have sex yet!

Relationships are created to cherish one another’s body, soul, and spirit. God made all of us with the intent to be completely admired! If you take it easy on the physical side of things, the beauty of one’s entire being is increasingly embraced. Saving one’s virginity is SO incredible.. it takes away from any comparison in your marriage as well as encourages trust in your personal character of faithfulness towards your significant other before even committing to marriage (How beautiful would it be on your wedding night to know that each of you was completely there to give each other)! To see integrated truths of the beauty of sexual purity on the posters would be lovely.

This campus is full of astonishing, dedicated people, and I’d love to see the work ethic, passion, and love here carried out in the healthiest way to our future families.

Much Love,

Lainey Mikel Religion ‘13