The Gustavian Weekly

Alcohol and Drug policy change

By Haley Bell Staff Writer | February 15, 2013 | News

Adjustments have been made  to the guidelines for students that violate Gustavus’ alcohol and drug policy. Changes were made to the Minimum Sanction Guidelines in the Gustavus Guide. These guidelines provide consistency to hearing officers while also giving each case individual attention.

“Originally, when a student was found responsible for a Level III alcohol violation, they were charged a $250 fee for an Alcohol and Drug Assessment with a local agency. However, we recently hired Tricia Frederick to replace Janet DeMars, who was in charge of our High Risk Drinking Initiative,” Assistant Dean of Students Pete Meagher said.

Ms. Frederick is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor that can conduct an Alcohol and Drug Assessment, eliminating the $250.00 fee that has been charged previously.

Pete Meagher, at the direction of Dean of Students JoNes VanHecke, pulled together a group of faculty, administrators and a student representative to discuss any possible changes.

“Pete Meagher pulled together the group to discuss what, if any changes should be made to the minimum sanctioning guidelines in light of the fact that the actual cost of an alcohol assessment was going from $250 to $25 with the hiring of Tricia.  That group met and decided on the changes that Pete then sent to all students via email on Feb. 4,” VanHecke said.

The fine was consistent with the other fines in the Minimum Sanction Guidelines. The Alcohol and Drug Advisory Committee chaired by Judy Douglas also reviewed the suggested changes and supported the change as well.

The small change will only affect around 20 students each year and is an overall improvement as an in-house Alcohol and Drug Assessment is more convenient for students and easier for staff as well.

“In the past, we worked with an agency in St. Peter called CARE, and the student was charged $250 to have an assessment done.  With Tricia working for the College, she is able to do the assessments for students herself and thus the cost is only $25,” VanHecke said.