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Day: October 15, 2010 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

Suit up for must see TV

Television has been a growing part of American culture for the past 60 years. Yet, TV programming has been far from static; television has grown to reflect almost every different genre, time period, ethnicity and age group imaginable making its […]

Since it’s Coming Out Week…

For people who have read my commentaries in the past, you know it is uncharacteristic of me to not only talk about things before they happen (I’m writing on 10/10/10) but also discuss what is a sensitive political issue in […]

Friends, fellowship and Settlers of Catan

I am normally not one for board games. This probably stems from my standing as a middle child with two brothers, and thus I endured much torture and failure while trying to play such games with them. In Monopoly, I […]

Get the hell out of my religion

At the risk of feeding the flames of overreaction and self-righteousness, I want to talk this week about the Bible verse on The Rock. I don’t promise to add a fresh perspective, just one that comes from someone who considers […]

The powerful connotations of words

Words. Arranged in few and sparse, they are all but for the worse. Smushed and squished like sardines in a can, these words overwhelm, confuse any woman. Hence—the length of a song suits me—a commentary, my cuppa tea! On that […]

Terry Morrow

My name is Michelle Lutz, and I’m a senior at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn. and a graduate of St. Peter High School (class of 2007). I’m a theatre arts major and a communication studies minor. This past spring […]

Freshmen orientation video

As a relatively recent Gustavus graduate, I am not unaware of the sexually permissive, left-leaning, increasingly secularized campus culture that students encounter despite the college’s purported mission to be a “…community where a mature understanding of the Christian faith and […]

Terry Morrow

As a Gustie grad now working in state politics, I see how lucky the community at Gustavus is to have a professor at our school serving in the Minnesota State Legislature. I have had the dual privilege of being taught […]

Oct. 15 Comic

Lund Center renovation will eventually materialize

The construction of the new academic building on campus may prompt curiosity within the student body and questions regarding Gustavus’s next course of action. One subject that has yielded much deliberation is the rumor of a Lund Center renovation and […]