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Month: October 2008 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

Student Senate’s desperate measures

Luke Garrison, senior communication studies major, and Shawn Grygo, senior dance major, have presided over a difficult beginning of their tenure as Student Senate Co-Presidents. Controversy has surrounded student organization finances and the amount of money the Student Senate has […]

New student group sparks debate on campus

New to campus this year is the Gustavus Parliamentary Debate team. With its fifteen-plus members, ten of whom are active, the new group hopes to represent Gustavus in numerous debate tournaments throughout the year. Current members of the Parliamentary Debate […]

Gustie Grad Mary Duvall Helps change the world through Lutheran World Relief

Some people believe that the world we live in is not perfect. While this idea may lend itself to caffeine-fueled political debates in coffee shops and on college campuses all over the country, few people actually take their concern a […]

Chuck Niederriter: physicist, family man and jack-of-all trades

Gustavus is well known for its Department of Physics and the professors who create the strong base for the program. Professor of Physics Chuck Niederriter, or “Chuck” to students and fellow professors, is among the group that has worked to […]

Look at them apples

Of the autumnal rituals listed under, “to be completed before the crunchy leaves and crisp temperatures give way to barren trees and a subzero wind-chill,” picking apples is a top priority for many Minnesotans. “It’s definitely a fall tradition,” said […]

To Minnesota, with love

Would you know what I meant if I told you I were sun-drunk? Bear with me for a second; I think you know exactly what I mean. This intoxication comes not from the bottle but from hours and hours at […]

Principles over politicians

John McCain and the other Republican candidates across the country are experiencing a political nightmare right now. I feel, however, that this election could be the perfect opportunity for the Republican Party to reestablish the conservative principles that can best […]

Hilltop horses and the women who love them

Gustavus’ semi-infant Equestrian team begins their campaign with new talent Miles and miles of Southern Minnesota’s beautiful farmland surrounds the rolling hills of St. Peter. Years ago this area was home to early settlers and, with those early settlers, horses. […]

Gusties surge; cement legitimacy in MIAC

An impressive month of October has put Gustavus among the conference elite The Gustavus Men’s Soccer team has been on a roll. The team won four of its last five matches to continue a solid month of October and improved […]

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