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Battle for the Ballot

With a new year comes a new student government. Student Senate elections will be held next Monday, Sept. 22, outside the Evelyn Young Family Dining Room from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Two pairs of students are seeking the Student […]

Environmentally Conscious Changes on Campus

Reusable to-go containers, high-efficiency washing machines and florescent light bulbs are a few of the many changes the Gustavus campus has undergone as a way to convert to new energy-efficient and pro-green policies. Dining Services is phasing out paper to-go […]

Professor Richard Leitch receives award

It is not often that a college can find a professor who perfectly matches the institution, but Gustavus has found this in Richard Leitch, this issue’s Gustie of the Week. As an Associate Professor of Political Science, Leitch has become […]

Sweating it out with The Sauna Society

If you were at the Student Involvement Fair last week, you may have noticed a single table with a large, plain banner lying across it. The banner read, “Join the Gustavus Sauna Society.” It might have been the simplicity of […]

Collegiate Tales from a Consumer Culture

Fetishism comes in all shapes and sizes I love my Crocs. I wear them several times a week. They are bright orange and so flamboyantly colored that they rarely match other people’s aesthetic criteria for any item of clothing. I […]

Palin: the false face of feminism

Welcome to “From the Margins,” a new column devoted to a wide variety of social justice issues. For our first column, we chose to go with the hottest topic right now: Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska […]

A new feminism

Feminism is a very tricky term to discuss because it incorporates such a wide range of ideas, concepts and movements. Even among feminists there is disagreement as to what feminism is or should be. This discussion and debate of feminism […]

Reshaping gender conceptions

The world is full of strange and unusual things, from things like lantern fish, to aardvarks, to pelicans and to yet unknown creatures that may only be described as bearing a striking resemblance to Ann Coulter in the morning. However, […]

Presidential initiative promotes change

Gustavus’ new man in charge has an affinity for sports and comes in with a host of fresh ideas to improve athletics upon the hill Growing up in a town of about 30,000 people, President Jack R. Ohle is no […]