Letter from the editor

Grace KearneyEditor-in-Chief

Welcome back to the Hill, Gusties! As spring semester gets underway, we at the Weekly would like to offer all of you, our readers, good luck on this new semester- for some of you, your last before graduating and moving on to the next stage of your lives.

My name is Grace Kearney, and I am the new Editor-in-Chief here at the Gustavian Weekly. Unlike many of our past Editors-in-Chief, I am not an English major, or anything in that realm. While this fact may give pause to some, I choose to see it as demonstrative of how much I love and care about being with the Weekly. I believe this passion is what will drive the Weekly to new heights, even as other newspapers around us die. 

We all know print mediums, particularly newspapers, are fading quickly in our new era of fast-paced electronic communication. Yet for those of us here at the Gustavian Weekly, nothing will compare to the joys of seeing our work in paper, the trials of Wednesday nights and the spinning rainbow wheel of death, the rewards of seeing empty newspaper stands, issues in the hands of enthusiastic students and parents. The Weekly strives to not only inform our community of the goings-on around campus but to reflect and celebrate the voices of everyone in the Gustavus community, no matter who you are or what your views may be. Everyone is encouraged to write, to voice their opinions, to make themselves heard. We welcome and encourage guest writers. Anyone who wants to be featured in the Weekly is more than welcome to email us, and if you don’t think you can write, you can send in ideas for stories, movies to review, Gustie of the Week, new sections we should introduce, and anything else your wonderful minds can think of. The Weekly is a publication free from censorship and meant not for pushing an agenda, but for sharing the stories and ideas of everyone in the Gustavus community. Yes, sometimes this includes stories some of us may not want to hear, but it is our duty to bring the most important events and stories on campus to light and combat misinformation. The Gustavian Weekly is dedicated to open collaboration and communication between every member of our community. 

Just as Yale Professor of History Timothy Snyder comments on the importance of reading and being informed, “Believe in truth. To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, then no one can criticize power, because there is no basis upon which to do so. If nothing is true, then all is spectacle.” 

We thank you, our readers, for supporting us in our mission to create an inclusive community and a pathway for everyone to make their voices heard.

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