Gustie of the Week: Gabriela Passmore

Emma KelseyStaff Writer

Gabriela Passmore graduated from Gustavus in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a writing emphasis. She was involved in cross country and track and field, the track and field choir, and was a lead copy editor for the Gustavian Weekly. Even though her time as a student on the hill has ended, she hasn’t gone far. Passmore is currently a Courtyard Café Supervisor and an Assistant Cross Country Coach.

I love working with and coaching the students on this campus who always brighten my day with their humor, curious and critical minds, and kindness,” Passmore said. Passmore’s favorite part about Gustavus is the community and all of the amazing people she has found during her time here. 

Passmore says that the support she found at Gustavus was instrumental in her development as a young adult. “After graduating, I had a couple of lonely years figuring out who I was and where I wanted to be. Many of my college friends had moved away, and I felt a bit lost. In my last role I was a corporate business and marketing writer, and while I enjoyed writing, I felt very isolated. Since coming back to campus, I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. I’ve reconnected with college friends who are also back in the area, and life feels more full of purpose for me than it has in a while,” Passmore said.

Liz Kvebak, a 2021 graduate and current admissions counselor at Gustavus, has known Passmore for about six years. Kvebak says Passmore was one of the first people she met at Gustavus and is truly deserving of the Gustie of the Week recognition for several reasons. According to Kvebak, Passmore loves her roles here on campus and is very passionate about giving back to the Gustavus community. “She inspires me every day…she is an incredibly easy person to talk to and has not only been a person for people to come to for personal help, but also advice,” Kvebak said. 

Trevor LaVigne ‘23, who knows Passmore from cross country, says that Passmore is a great mentor for all the athletes on the cross country team, offering advice on topics like training, school, mental health, and anything else that comes up. “Gabby is kind, positive, energetic, and passionate.  She is very intentional about how she treats people,” LaVigne said.

Nadia English ‘23, also met Passmore through cross country and is happy to see her friend back on campus. “Gabby has this energy about her that is filled with never-ending kindness, knowledge, and care. I’ve come to learn that she is one of the most hard-working people I know, and I am lucky to be able to see this in her every day – as a coach, staff member, and friend. I am pumped that Gabby is being recognized as Gustie of the Week, she is so deserving!” English said.

 Junior Evelyn Villalobos notes the impact Passmore has had on the cross-country team, and how her name is still mentioned in upperclassmen stories. Villalobos says she got to know her better this past summer and knew immediately she would love having her around. “She really makes an effort to know everyone she meets personally and is always there to listen and she seems to always know exactly what you need to hear at that moment. Whether it’s someone to lean on or someone to make you laugh Gabby can do it all. Gabby was exactly what [the team] needed this season. She contributes so much positive energy and support to the team and everything she does. We love Gabby,” Villalobos said.

Madeline Leach ‘23 works at the Courtyard Café with Passmore and met her at the beginning of this school year. “She always makes me and my coworkers feel welcome whenever we come to our shifts. She makes it a point to ask people how they are doing and genuinely cares about the response. I know she makes many other Gusties feel good as well because so many courtyard customers know her by name and are excited to see her when they come to get coffee!” Leach said.

Brenden Huber, the Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach and Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Coach in Athletics, has known Passmore for the past ten years.

“Gabriela radiates positive energy… She is an amazing listener and does a great job of understanding those around her.  She is compassionate and caring to all those she crosses paths with. I think the general public who visits the Courtyard Café find out right away as they are greeted with warmth and a smile, that Gabby is a phenomenal representative of Gustavus. Your day never gets worse after you’ve interacted with her, it can only get better!” Huber said.