DEI panelists teach importance of mentoring

Mel Pardock – Staff Writer

Thursday, March 31, the Gustavus Mentoring Program will be hosting a panel to discuss the impacts of the Mentoring Program on the personal and professional lives of those who participate in it. The Weekly interviewed Julie Rudolf, the Gustavus Mentoring and Internship Specialist, to learn more about the event.
Q: What, in particular, will be covered at this panel?
A: How mentoring has had a positive impact in the panelists personal and professional lives. This panel will also discuss how to integrate DEI awareness and action into your current and future professional environments. The panelists are from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds so it will be wonderful to hear about their varied experiences and recommendations.
Q: Why do you believe mentoring is important?
A: Mentoring can help open doors for mentees (students) by providing them with knowledge on how to achieve their goals and build their professional network.
Q: What are the benefits of being a mentor? Being a mentee?
A: Benefits for a Mentee: Mentors also are a great source of inspiration. If you are unsure of what to do after graduation, mentors can help you set goals and stay on the right track. Additionally, Mentors are someone you can trust. They provide you with support and encouragement. They also are a great resource and can help open doors for you in the future by building that professional network. Being a Gustie Mentor is a great way to give back to Gustavus while helping out a current Gustie. You also learn a lot about yourself and your own strengths in the process. Plus it’s fun!
Q: What else would you like to share with Gusties about the mentoring program and what it entails?
A: There are 2 parts to the Gustavus Mentoring Program. The 1st being the Gusties Connect Community. Gusties Connect is very similar to LinkedIn. Students can connect with the alumni through this platform to ask them quick questions for a quick informal mentorship while building their professional network. The 2nd part of the program is the Formal Program. This is where you are matched with an alumni for the entire school year. Throughout the year you will meet with this person to go over everything from building your resume, how to network, personal and professional growth and so much more.
“Lastly, we will have 1 more large scale event this year. The Mentoring Closing Banquet – April 21st from 6-8pm. This year the banquet will be held at the Bloomington Sheraton in Bloomington, MN. This will be a great networking event for students as alumni will be invited to this event as well. There will be great presenters, food and PRIZES! Also, transportation will be provided for students to and from the event. Students do not need to be part of the formal program to attend this amazing event. All are welcome,” Rudolf said.