GUSTIE of the WEEK: Peter Neuman

Korrie Wojack – Staff Writer

What defines a Gustie of the Week? It is hard to say, especially because all of our Gusties bring so much diversity and unique perspectives to our campus life. Some are leaders, some are builders. Some are creators, some are inventors, and some are researchers. Some see the fantastical hope with a glass always half full, while others bring level headed logic. No matter what their outlook, or what they bring to our community, every Gustie is important and needed to make the Hill our Home.
Our Gustie of the Week this week is Peter Neuman, a senior here on campus. Neuman grew up in Chaska, Minnesota, where his winding path eventually led him here to Gustavus. While some of us didn’t discover Gustavus until a flyer or email wound up in our mailbox, Neuman grew up in a household where Gustavus Adolphus College was well known. Growing up he often attended Gustie athletic events, and even attended many Christmas in Christ Chapel events, not knowing that one day he would participate in the same event. Neuman followed in the Gustie footsteps of his father, aunts, and four of his cousins. “To summarize, Gustavus Adolphus College played a huge role in my upbringing and personal identity. It really seemed like the only school that would fit me,” Neuman said.
Neuman is a Vocal Music Education major, so it is only fitting that he is involved in not one, not two, but three choirs here on campus. Neuman spends much of his time at rehearsals, for the Gustavus Choir, the Justice Choir, and for G Sharp acappella. Once just an audience member of Christmas in Christ Chapel, Neuman is now a longstanding participant in the amazing production, as well as President of the Gustavus Choir. Here he helps do his part to guide Gustavus forward by helping choir director Dr. Dean, and assisting in working with the rest of his fellow ensemble members.
Anyone involved in some sort of team, ensemble, group, club, etc, can all agree that the memories and friendships made there last longer, and hold a deeper place in our hearts. When speaking about his time with the Gustavus Choir along with G sharp acappella, one could tell how much the two groups impacted Neuman for the better. “These two ensembles mean so much to me. My time with G choir and G sharp have shaped me into the person that I am today. I have learned important life lessons from Both Dr. Dean and Dr. Aune, as well as certain alumni of both ensembles. It has been an honor to be a part of two amazing musical ensembles during my time here at Gustavus,” Neuman said.
Even Neuman’s favorite place on campus, Christ Chapel, reflects his passion for music and sharing that love with the world. “I have made such amazing memories in that building. It would not be right if I said any other place,” Neuman said. This notion stands true for many Gusties, especially those involved in music. Walking through those double doors to our place of gathering, no matter what troubles you, Christ Chapel instills a sense of calm belonging that everyone can attest to.
In his free time, Neuman enjoys his life just like any other college student would. He loves watching sports, appreciating the outdoors, and spending quality time with his friends. Friends come from all over in a welcoming campus such as ours, which is actually Neumans favorite thing about being a student here at dear old GAC. “I love the welcoming community Gustavus has. There seems to be a place for everyone here, no matter what walk of life you come from,” Neuman said.