Senior Staff Send-off!

Geena Zebrasky – Features Writer

Corinne Stremmel

Favorite Weekly memory: “The April Fools Edition and Liam and Ben asking every week if they can put expletives in the word search.”

Marie Osuna
Lead Copy Editor

Favorite Weekly memory: “All the pizza I’ve eaten in the office (pre-COVID of course).”

Tyra Ericson
Variety Editor & Distribution Manager

Favorite Weekly memory: “I joined this year so everything was virtual, but I really loved the Crustavian Wookly satire issue.”

Brett Hufendick
Advertisement Manager

Favorite Weekly memory: “Working as the ad manager!”

Liam Carr
Entertainment Editor

Favorite Weekly memory: “Listening to Ben belt show tunes after stealing the aux from Cole was certainly… a memory.”

Kyra Bowar
Copy Editor

Favorite Weekly memory: “I really enjoy getting to read all the pieces that pass across my desk. We have so many talented writers and perspectives!”

Laura Schwichtenberg
Features Editor

Favorite Weekly memory: “Getting to know all the wonderful staff members! I also really loved creating the layout for the wikiHow article earlier this year.”

Ben Wick
Assitant Editor-in-Chief

Favorite Weekly memory: “Any time one of us said something ridiculous during Layout Nights, we would write it on the Quote Board.”

Weston Lombard
Sports Editor

Favorite Weekly memory: “First time trying to do layout lol.”

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