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I think that being a digital nomad is a great thing, and it prepares students for becoming more adapted to technology. A digital nomad is someone who uses technology to perform their job, and they do it in independently chosen locations. With technology evolving, we use it more at Gustavus to learn. Working in public places with technology provides a great learning experience. Some other benefits of becoming a digital nomad are being able to travel around to new places, meeting new people, freedom, flexibility, inspiration and growth.
Someone who uses technology to do their job in independently chosen locations enjoys having the freedom to choose where they work. They will be able to experience new cultures, environments and atmospheres. While someone is working in an independently chosen location, they may be able to learn better interpersonal communication and problem solving skills.
A digital nomad isn’t stuck in one place at an office. Sometimes, there is less stress in changing environments. New environments can provide a release from stressful situations, so that a digital nomad can be more productive. These new places can also serve as a distraction for relieving stress if the individual focuses on them. Some common places a digital nomad can work at is in coffee shops, hotels or beaches. These places allow someone to have more freedom, they will feel less confined and they may feel more engaged in their job.
Having independence to choose where to work can increase their productivity. They are allowed to find a place that fits their needs. Someone may prefer a natural, quiet environment over a bustling, urban environment. Technology can sometimes allow someone to complete tasks faster. A digital nomad can send messages instantly and submit their work instantly. Digital communication allows them to stay easily connected to their colleagues. With emailing, social media and text messaging this is easier than in the past.
When working independently, they have more control over their lifestyle. They can choose when they want to work, exercise, and spend time with others. They are able to decide what they want to eat. Having more control over their lifestyle allows them to prioritize events better. These aspects may increase someone’s mood and productivity.
At Gustavus, we use technology constantly to learn. We use it to read, send messages and work. Being a digital nomad during the summer is beneficial because it allows someone to improve their technology skills. Working with a computer independently also helps improve someone’s own responsibility skills. They are not in a typical working environment, so they must make their own decisions without the constant supervision of a boss in an office. This is a valuable trait that can be used throughout someone’s life and their careers.
When they get to choose where they want to work, they can save money. In other countries, items and living are less expensive. In the process of working digitally, they can do their job and save money. Another benefit of being a digital nomad is being able to meet new people and gaining new opportunities along the way.
Traveling around to new places allows a digital nomad to make new connections and network. They may find new job opportunities and connections. They may gather inspiration from the places they visit. Some creative, digital jobs that can gather inspiration from places around the world are writers, photographers, graphic designers, artists, and website designers. Some of the most common digital nomad careers are in web or app development, online marketing, graphic design and software entrepreneurship.
Others may say that there aren’t many digital nomads and it is risky. Although this is a relatively recent way to work, there are around 10.9 million digital nomads today. This number grew due to COVID-19 because more people worked remotely. Working independently requires responsibility and drive to get things done. It may be easy for someone to become sidetracked or prioritize less important tasks. Although someone can have difficulty being independently productive, this way of working provides great practice at improving this.
A digital nomad has more control over their lifestyle, the ability to travel around to new places, and more opportunities to meet new people. Because of these benefits, being a digital nomad has become more common. It allows someone to immensely grow in areas such as interpersonal communication, adaptability, and using technology. These are important in life and many jobs today. This is a recently possible way of working, and it will continue to grow. This is why being a digital nomad is a great thing.

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  1. I’m a digital nomad, is a great life, but not easy to find new clients, some customers want you to be in their own country, but is a great life.

    Thanks for share.

  2. Hi, do you know if there is some groups where I can find more “digital nomads” like me to share experiences and maybe jobs.

    Great work Lexi to talk about this.
    Norma M.

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