COVID-19 Report (11/20/2020)

COVID-19 Report

Gustavus On-Campus Update
As of November 16, 2020:
Total Positive Cases (since August 15): 176
Current Positive Student Cases: 42
Current Positive Employee Cases: 4
Total Students in Isolation/Quarantine: 147
Students in Isolation/Quarantine On Campus: 68
Employees in Isolation/Quarantine: 14

Gustavus Mass-Testing Results
From November 13, 2020:
Number of Tests Administered: 1,373
Results Yielded: 1,367/1,373
Positive Cases: 20
Total Positivity Rate: 1.5%

This data set is meant to encompass the on-campus impact of COVID-19 by counting cases where a person may have been on campus while infectious. For example, students who are living at home or employees who are working remotely and not visiting campus will not be counted in these on-campus numbers. This information is also available for viewing on the College’s COVID-19 Dashboard.

Minnesota COVID-19 Update
As of November 18, 2020:
Total Positive Cases (since January 20): 242,042
Daily Newly Reported Cases: 4,740
Daily New Reported Nicollet County Cases: 16

This data comes from the Minnesota Department of Health’s “Situation Update” website, which is updated every day at 11 a.m.

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