CAB and Crossroads produce Taste of Gustavus cookbook

While it is essential to the subsistence of our well-being, food is a way in which we are able to learn more in-depth about another’s community, culture and expressions of identity. Through food, we can further acknowledge the diverse individuals and experiences present within the Gustavus community.
As a means of acknowledging campus diversity through a culinary lens, the Gustavus Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Crossroads have collaborated to create the first-ever Gustie cookbook, ​A Taste of Gustavus. The cookbook is compiled with various recipes sent in by Gustavus students and faculty members.
Sophomore Traditional Co-Executive of CAB Teagan Holmes elaborates on how the idea of the cookbook was sparked.
“Because of COVID, all of Gustavus’ live events‒such as Homecoming and President’s Ball‒were canceled. I wanted to take on a different role that could work on incorporating all of the campus and planning an activity that was not just a one-time thing,” Holmes said.
Crossroads Student Leaders Senior Aimen Zara and Junior Miguel Martin discuss the objectives of Crossroads as a whole and how the cookbook aids in the achievement of the organization’s mission under the guidelines of COVID.
“Crossroads was a program that helped bring international and domestic students together who shared a passion for learning about different cultures. Crossroads started in 1996. It was a small program that had its own building, but later was torn down by the tornado. It was recently revived by Abbey Lane. We are now doing a new version of Crossroads where it is not just limited to merging together international and domestic students. It’s any person in the community who wants to be a part of it,” Zara said.
Martin also explains that the cookbook is a way in which Crossroads can foster community building and the promotion of diversity while limiting social interaction among its members and the Gustavus community.
“In this quarantine time, we are just trying to give to the people something [they can do] instead of trying to interact with people and something that they can do in their free time, like cooking from a new recipe,” Martin said.
Holmes explains that a plethora of recipes have been sent in by students, including recipes for Special K bars, Sloppy Joes, Chocoflan Cake and Bok Choy Salad.
Zara has also shared one of her favorite recipes to be included in the cookbook.
“I shared a recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala. That’s a recipe that I’ve grown up with at home and that’s one of my favorite recipes from my mom and it’s been passed down from generation to generation,” Zara said.
Martin and Zara hope to continue providing a cookbook for the Gustavus community in the coming years as well.

Note: The last day to submit recipes is Friday, Oct. 16. The cookbook will be available for the Gustavus community in the upcoming weeks before Thanksgiving break.

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