Gustie of the Week: Ace Schwartz

Despite his many achievements, getting recognized for the Gustie of the Week profile was the most surprising for this weeks’ feature, Junior Ace Schwartz.
“Getting picked for this when I don’t consider my involvement to be the most visible…apparently I’m doing something right,” Schwartz said.
Originally from North Branch, MN, Schwartz found himself at Gustavus after talking with his uncle, an alumnus, and taking a chance.
“I took kind of a shot in the dark, throwing out this application, but when I got here there was a sense of community that I did not feel anywhere else that I toured. It’s that thing that people mention, that you know it’s your college when you set foot there,” Schwartz said.
Most of his past decisions have taken off on a similar footing.
“I’ve never really had a clear path. My path has always just been a series of ‘why not?’s,” Schwartz said.
As a Communication Studies and Philosophy double major, he feels like there are many opportunities in store.
“I don’t have a concrete plan for what I want to do after college and I figured a Communication Studies degree, that really keeps a lot of doors open. Philosophy, that’s just for fun,” Schwartz said.
The uncertainty is not a source of worry. In fact, it allows him to focus on what he enjoys the most: connecting with others.
“I love people. I love meeting people. I love making people feel like I care about them. I used to always love giving people fist-bumps,” Schwartz said.
Those around him also find him to be sociable and personable.
“[Schwartz] works at the Information Desk in our Campus Activities Office. We love having him at the desk because he is kind, creative, and always willing to lend a helpful hand. [Schwartz] enjoys writing funny quips and engaging in meaningful conversations with those around him,” Lindsay Powers, Administrative Assistant in the Campus Activities Office, said.
As the pandemic has put an end to his fist-bumps, it has also made him have to think outside the box in his role as president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE).
“[My] goals for being president [are] to just navigate through this semester without too much damage. We really have to get creative with these times, and I’m fairly good at being creative,” Schwartz said.
Despite challenges, Schwartz is proud of his involvement and his ability to make an impact on campus.
“Being president of an organization in [SAE] that I really care about is a really good feeling,” Schwartz said.
As Greek Life recruitment approaches, he encourages anyone with an interest in joining SAE to reach out to him with any questions.
While in the future Schwartz is looking forward to a possible career in broadcast and radio, he is currently well occupied on campus. When he is not busy with SAE activities, he may be seen doing crosswords, searching the Arb for large rocks to stand on, thinking about the perfect day that involves bears and swords or drinking black coffee from the Caf.
“[My favorite thing from the Caf] is black coffee, and I am ashamed of that answer,” Schwartz said.
While the current state of the world may be isolating and confusing, Schwartz is doing his best to remain positive and share that positivity with others.“You can usually tell even through a mask when people are smiling. So don’t let that stop you from making people smile,” Schwartz said.

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