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Campus Safety Report (11/22/19) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | November 22, 2019 | Campus safety report

Monday, November 11th

  • Campus Safety detected the odor of Marijuana in North Hall.

Tuesday, November 12th

  • Campus Safety responded to a report of underage possession.
  • Campus Safety Office had sewer backup.

Wednesday, November 13th

  • Campus Safety responded to the Campus Center Dining services for a medical transport.
  • Campus Safety responded to a Medical Assist to a student that walked into the Campus Safety Office. The student was later transported from Olin Hall to the ED and ResLife On Call was notified.
  • A CF, in Sohre Hall, contacted ResLife because the CF was concerned for another student that was having suicide ideations.    

Thursday, November 14th

  • Campus Safety responded to a Mental Health Concern at the International Center. ResLife was called to help with the situation.

Friday, November 15th

  • Campus Safety was called for a car fire in the Olin parking lot. The fire department was called and they put out the fire.
  • Campus Safety responded to a Fire Alarm at College View Apartments. Fire Alarm due to cooking only producing smoke contained in the residents room.

Saturday, November 16th

  • Campus Safety responded to a medical assist at Lund Center.
  • Campus Safety and CF responded to an odor of marijuana in Rundstrom Hall. One student was referred to the campus conduct system.

Sunday, November 17th

  • Campus Safety responded to a fire alarm at the Ten-O-Nine House. A resident burned a bag of popcorn.
  • Campus Safety reported a missing fire extinguisher from College View Apartments.
  • Campus Safety received a report of theft of Gustavus property from Lund Center.

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