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Gustie of the Week: Sarah Hinderman | The Gustavian Weekly

By Elsa Beise - Staff Writer | October 11, 2019 | Gustie of the Week, Variety

Senior Sarah Hinderman, an involved and friendly face on campus, is our Gustie of the Week. Hinderman is a Communication Studies major from Fairfax, Minnesota and has made an impact on campus.

Hinderman is involved in many student organizations on campus; she is a Marketing Executive for the Campus Activities Board, Public Relations chair for the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, an employee in the Office of Marketing and Communication and an intern for the Center for International and and Cultural Education, all while helping her peers as a Digital Arts Lab tutor.

Being around people is what Hinderman loves to do, whether it be through her life as a student or in her social life.

“I’m an extroverted extrovert…so I always have to be around other people. I usually drag my friends along to try new food/restaurants or take a spontaneous trip somewhere,” Hinderman said. All that’s to say, when she finds herself with time alone, she can be found doing a variety of activities.

“For the rare occasions when I’m forced to be by myself, I love making new playlists on spotify, cooking and baking or watching Shane Dawson conspiracy theory videos on YouTube,” Hinderman said.

Senior Emily Scroggins has been impacted by Hinderman since the beginning of her time at Gustavus.

“Sarah and I met our first semester at Gustavus in our Spanish class. She is always welcoming and open and makes you feel like a good pal. We have studied abroad together (and survived being around one another for that long), we’ve joined a sorority together, and have both served on CAB since our sophomore years. She even talked me into being a Communication Studies major,” Scroggins said.

Scroggins went on to mention how humble Hinderman is.

“Sarah seems to fly under the radar and is not typically recognized for all of the hard work that she does. She loves the attention but is really humble about how skilled she is and how much she has accomplished,” Scroggins said.

Associate Professor in Communication Studies Patricia English has had Hinderman as a student in many courses and also acts as her advisor. English has noticed Hinderman’s ability to apply what she has learned in her courses to other areas of her life.

“I think that Sarah’s genuine interest in her field of study and her ability to see how things connect to it make her a unique recipient. She has applied her classroom learning through study abroad, internships, CAB and in so many other contexts. She is well rounded and uses her varied talents in ways that make Gustavus, the community, and the world a better place,” English said.

Hinderman reflected on her thankfulness for the opportunities and experiences that Gustavus has provided her since the beginning.

“I’m just really grateful for the personal growth opportunities that Gustavus has provided me. I’ve been surrounded by active leaders and achievers since my first year that have inspired me to invest in my passions,” Hinderman said.

Not only did the college provide Hinderman these experiences, but the support and inspiration of her peers has helped Hinderman to grow and learn not only as a student, but also as a person.

“My friends and fellow Gusties have created such a supportive environment where I feel eager to learn and do my best to make the world a better place. I’ve been pushed to find my strengths and use them to get [things] done…It’s been amazing to see others do the same. We’re all growing together and making some really amazing things happen,” Hinderman said.

In terms of next year, Hinderman hopes to either be in the cities or abroad, working in a field of one of her academic interests. “I’m hoping to land a position up in the Twin Cities (or abroad…London is my dream city) in either magazine publication, graphic design, or marketing agency consulting. We’ll see where the wind takes me,” Hinderman said.

Hinderman’s peers were not surprised to find out that she was Gustie of the Week.

“Sarah is the embodiment of what it means to be a Gustie. She is super involved on campus…while also excelling in leadership and service in various other organizations. Sarah never ceases to amaze me with how easily she makes friends and how welcoming and inclusive she is,” Scroggins said.

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