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“Early is on time” for pumpkin spice | The Gustavian Weekly

By Lauren Casey - Opinion Columnist | September 20, 2019 | Opinion

Fall is officially here and it is not because football has started, or because the leaves are showing tints of red. The new marker that fall has arrived has slowly transitioned to when everything under the sun comes in a pumpkin spice flavor. A few weeks ago, Starbucks re-released their Pumpkin Spice Latte about a month earlier than usual which sparked a bit of controversy among the “basic” population. While there were some who believed it to be too early for anything pumpkin spice, they were outnumbered by the PSL lovers who appreciated the early comeback and an official start to fall.

One of the reasons that it is not too early for pumpkin spice is simply because it “spices” up our lives a bit during the doom and gloom days of fall. When the weather starts to get cold and gray, Seasonal Affective Disorder is not an uncommon phenomenon for college students.

This disorder causes people to feel sadder than usual because of the changing seasons and less sunlight as the days get shorter. The library offers study stations with lamps to help those with SAD, and when paired with a nice warm pumpkin spice drink, it doesn’t get much better.

While it may seem like a stretch to say that a pumpkin flavored drink can make all worries go away, it’s honestly the little victories that can get us through the day.

“I don’t want fall to start yet. Pumpkin spice means fall is starting and once fall starts, I get sad,” Senior Jana Blomberg said.

While the changing seasons may bring more sadness due to the fact that we can see summer slowly slipping away, the new season brings back pumpkin spice, which is something to look forward to, rather than dreading what is to come.

Pumpkin spice is the marker that everything that fall brings has started. Now that it has come back to Starbucks, it gives us permission to indulge in the fall feels. Fall itself is a vibe made up of flannels, football, baggy sweaters, leggings, messy buns, apple picking, diving into a pile of corn, and of course, cuffing season.

“It is not too early for pumpkin spice because if they can sell pumpkins right now and pick apples, they can whip up a pumpkin white mocha,” Senior Teanna Britton said.

While pumpkin spice may be something seasonal, and great for marketing, bringing it back one month earlier will not dampen the sales or excitement at all. Based on the drive thru line at Starbucks the other day that was out the parking lot, it looks like bringing back pumpkin spice a bit early is doing everyone a favor.

For those who don’t like pumpkin spice, seeing it in the stores and everywhere on Twitter still signifies that some of their favorite fall activities are here, as well as other holidays that bring joy such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner.

The saying “pumpkin spice and everything nice” has been made into a popular phrase because it encompasses the true meaning of fall. If there is no pumpkin spice to start off the fall, it just is not the same.

Lastly, bringing back pumpkin spice early can be great motivation and fuel for college students. While this may be more on the lighthearted side, studying and coffee go together like PB and J.

Pumpkin spice is the perfect excuse to make a study trip to Starbucks. Homework looks a lot less daunting when it is paired with a warm pumpkin drink, and may that boost of motivation needed to make it through the last paragraph of a research paper.

“Once pumpkin spice comes out, it is pumpkin spice season. I don’t make the laws, Starbucks does,” Senior Megan Bean said.

When it comes to getting work done, there is no shame in bribing yourself, and that may just do the trick. Pumpkin spice makes people a lot more excited and motivated than any other seasonal product I have seen. Anything fruity is summer, peppermint is winter, and Shamrock Shakes in the spring are a category of their own, yet none of those touch the level of pumpkin spice.

During the fall, I see pumpkin cereals, pumpkin dairy products, and even things that shouldn’t be made into a pumpkin version all over the place. But when any other season hits, I don’t see any peppermint flavored frosted flakes, strawberry lemonade butters, or things made into flavors they shouldn’t be. When compared to pumpkin spice, it doesn’t have the same cozy vibes that fall and pumpkin spice bring.

We can get any flavor other than pumpkin spice all year long, but the fact that people wait for this annual comeback and go crazy for the whole three-month duration until peppermint everything is in style, shows just how much it is loved.

Whether the love for pumpkin spice is because it makes the morning coffee a little bit sweeter, makes homework more bearable, or because it is motivation to participate in cuffing season and football season. There is no reason to hold off our happiness until the doom and gloom days of fall. Early is on time.

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