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Gusties have different spring break ideals | The Gustavian Weekly

By Lauren Casey - Opinion Columnist | March 22, 2019 | Opinion

Just as warmer weather is finally rolling around, so is spring break. It is a well-deserved break due to the never-ending snowstorms we have experienced so far, and a lot of us make the most of what we do over break. There are so many stereotypes around spring break being a full-on beach party, road tripping to Florida, getting way too much sun, and making decisions that allow for stories to tell years from now. But if this were true, then we would be beaching all together in Florida, basically just moving campus off the hill for a week. Everyone has a preference for how they spend their break; at home; adventuring or exploring a new place, or going somewhere warm. While all breaks are great, I continue to fuel the beachy break stereotype.

Not everyone has the desire to get burnt to a crisp on their break or travel to a tropical place. There is no syllabus for spring break that requires us to go somewhere because there are perks to staying home too. Staying home avoids the hassle of traveling, and you don’t waste any of your days crammed in a car or plane. We only get a week, so we might as well spend our time doing things we want to do, and usually, walking around an airport isn’t one of those things.

Another reason why staying home isn’t so bad is because it allows us to go see friends that already had their spring break. It can be annoying not having spring break line up with other schools, but something about being on break while they are stuck in school again makes it feel pretty good when we go to visit them.

I know I like to spend time with my family when I am on a break, but this wouldn’t be possible if I up and went across the country. “ I’ve never really had the opportunity to travel before, but honestly, the biggest thing for me is having the time to be with my boyfriend,” Senior Katie Velek said. Lastly, for those neat freaks like myself, spring break at home calls for spring cleaning. Nothing is more refreshing than more room in your closet, am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, being home is great, but having to look at snow and do the same routine every day can really cause an itch to get away. Some people choose to get away to a new place that has been on their bucket list for a while or do other things that they enjoy. In the past, I’ve seen friends travel to places like Spain, Italy, or even West Virginia. A fun time with friends doesn’t automatically mean it is at a beach. “I like to get away but not to a place full of people or parties. I prefer to relax in the outdoors whether it be skiing, fishing, or backpacking,” Senior Andrew Mowbray said.

Being a tourist, or adventurer on break can be just as fun as a walk on the beach. A trip like this is good for those who like to stay active and learn new things. While learning on break doesn’t seem appealing, it is a different kind of learning that includes trying new foods, meeting new people, and seeing new things. Spring break is the perfect time to travel to a new country: it isn’t as long as it would be studying abroad, but it is just enough time to be able to do and see all you wanted.

Saving the best for last, there is a reason why spring break beachy stereotypes exist, and that is because it is the best way to just let yourself loose and relax. “I like the warm weather,” Senior Leigh Hanefeld said.

Being somewhere on the ocean leaves you with the option of putting the break in spring break by literally starfishing under the sun all day without moving except to flip like a pancake to cook your other half. On the other hand, you also stay active by going on runs along the shore, finding new places with good food, going dancing at fun places with friends, meeting all the other spring breakers, water activities, or even going on a long romantic walk with a spring break fling you found.  Everything is better in warmer weather and it definitely feels great to come home looking a couple of shades more tan than you have been all winter.

Spring break is definitely one of the best times of the year, as it is a bridge between the school year and summer. It is a catalyst for our motivation in order to spring us through the rest of the semester. Because of this, it is important that it is spent in a way that truly allows us to feel like we got the break we deserved. So whether that be drinking a pineapple smoothie with sand in places it shouldn’t be, walking the streets of a new town, or spending quality time with the family, all spring breaks are created equal.

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