Advice for the floundering first-year (3/8/19)

Dear first years-

By now, the course load of this semester has likely hit you full-force, and if you’re anything like me, the amount of homework you have feels completely overwhelming. I’m here to hopefully ease that stress by offering you a few study tips that I swear by.

First, create an incentive for yourself. For me, this means if I study for a set amount of time, or finish a paper, I’ll reward myself with an episode of my favorite show. This works for me, but the reward can be anything that motivates you: Chipotle for dinner, a game of Catan with friends, or a solo walk in the arb. Whatever you enjoy, use it as a motivator to get your work done.

Next, try to get your work done as early as possible. I try to always get things done as soon as possible. If I get an assignment, and I have a break in my day, I do it then. I find this works better than procrastinating or trying to do your work late at night, because often I’m too tired at night to truly be productive. Make the time during the day so you can relax and get some sleep at night.

Also, have a dedicated studying space that works for you. This can be anywhere from in the library, your dorm, or the courtyard caf. If it is someplace you feel productive, go there to get stuff done. Be dedicated to that space, and you’ll start training your brain that when you are there, you need to be working.

Finally, stay positive. I know that this winter weather feels miserable, but reassure yourself that spring will come, and in the meantime you need to excel in your academics. I know this cold seems endless, but the sun will shine again soon.

Stay warm and study hard, Gusties,