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Advice for the Floundering First-Year (11/16/18) | The Gustavian Weekly

By Marie Osuna - Copy Editor | November 16, 2018 | Advice for the Floundering First-Year, Opinion

Dear first-years,

We all have heard about the “freshman fifteen” and know that, because we are away from home and now have free reign over what we eat, it is common to gain a little weight. Well, first let me stop you right there: the freshman fifteen is a bit of a myth, and is more accurately called the “first-year four.” Also, this doesn’t have to be the case: if you start early, developing healthy eating easily becomes a habit. 

But how can one eat healthy when being tempted by fried foods at the Gustie Grill and delicious pastries at the bakery? You just have to start by finding healthy foods at the caf that you enjoy. When I’m walking around the caf, I always start by checking what’s being served at “vari-veggie” and the soup/salad bar. If I like the healthier options, I get them everytime. Often, just by looking around the caf first, I am able to find a healthy food I like instead of eating chicken strips and fries.

Additionally, if you find yourself getting the same thing every week, challenge yourself to try something new. Always get pizza? Challenge yourself to try the salmon. Bagel for breakfast again? Try an omelette. If you challenge yourself to try new things, you’ll eat a wider variety of foods and you won’t feel so bored at meal times.  Also, more variety is healthier for you.

Next, avoid grabbing junky snacks because you’re in a hurry. If you 

usually grab pre-packaged foods, try grabbing an apple or banana instead. These foods will not only keep you feeling full longer, they are also obviously healthier. 

Finally, know that we have campus resources available to help you. Sources such as the Peer Assistants and Health Services are here to advise you and help you make healthier choices. Even better, health services has a registered dietitian to answer any questions you may have. If you are feeling overwhelmed about making the right choices in the caf, call and make an appointment with the dietitian.  

I hope these tips help you make better caf choices, and healthier choices in general. 

Stay strong and enjoy your Thanksgiving break, Gusties.

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