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By Lauren Casey - Opinion Columnist | October 12, 2018 | Opinion

The library houses light boxes to fight S.A.D in the winter.

The library houses light boxes to fight S.A.D in the winter.

As it gets darker earlier and the flip-flops go to the back of the closet for hibernation, it isn’t uncommon to feel more down than usual. In fact, this is a legitimate problem that affects many college students. This phenomenon, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a big reason why there are these two kinds of people when it comes to fall. Love it or hate it. “Seasonal affective disorder occurs when the weather gets colder and there’s less sunshine which causes people to feel unmotivated and sadder than usual,” Senior Kristen Eggler said. At this point, it may seem hard to believe that there is any good that comes from cloudy and cold weather. Instead of getting pulled down by gross looking conditions, I have found the good things that fall weather brings.

Fall weather brings the opportunity to wear the other 2/3 of our closets. “Minnesotans have great fall wardrobes, so the people look sharp,” Senior Andrew Mowbray said. It is the happy medium between sweating the day away and freezing our fingers off, leaving us with the perfect opportunity to wear what we want rather than putting on so many layers that we look like the Michelin man walking around campus. This definitely is aimed at girls, but the reason we get up on those dreary mornings is because of the basic baggy sweaters, earthy tones, fuzzy flannels, boots, scarves, hoodies, and perfectly crafted messy buns. I guess guys could participate in this too, but that would be something else.  Fall fashion is easy to throw together, and the weather gives us a reason to wear all things comfortable. As much as us gals like our fall fashion, we love seeing all the guys around campus looking sharp as well.

“Fall weather brings comfort,” Junior Teanna Britton said. Warm things are what comes to mind when I think of fall. By this, I mean to say that it seems more acceptable to eat soup and drink warm drinks again. It may just be me, but there definitely is an unwritten rule that soup and warm cider is not as acceptable to have during the summer, and it definitely doesn’t taste as good. It may be cold outside, but the warmth radiating through a cup of a freshly brewed coffee, doubling as a hand warmer, makes it worth the nippy walk to class. Fall is the reason that pumpkin spice lattes and other products that really shouldn’t have been made into a pumpkin spice version, exist. At this point of the year, a cup of something warm is basically a part of a typical “basic” outfit. Some may say that fall weather is a no go because it brings the first common cold of the year, and while I am pretty sure no one enjoys that, a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup makes it all okay again. Lastly, being sick on a gross cloudy day is much better than missing out on a nice sunny day. I’d much rather be sick on a fall day than in the summer. That’s definitely another weird reason to appreciate sub par fall weather.

With fall, comes the fall festivities, sports, and vibes that are posted on Instagram at this time every year. “I like Fall because it is the start of football and gymnastics season, also because of the decorations and Halloween, too,” Junior Leah Heilig said. Fall has a purpose, and is the most photogenic season for Instagram and cuffing season as we call it. There are so many activities to do during the fall with friends, and those who are more than friends, such as going to corn mazes, football games, haunted houses, apple orchards, fantasy leagues, pumpkin patches, Halloween parties, and much more. If any of these festivities took place in any other season, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Saving the best for last, the fall colors. It really is the little things that count when it comes to fall. If the red, orange, and gold leaves didn’t wave around in the gusty winds during this time, it would drastically change a lot of opinions about fall. For some people, the leaves are the reason they love fall. “Coming from California I don’t really get seasons, so it’s cool to see all the changes take place,” Junior Kyle Mugica said. The transition from summer to fall is definitely the best transition between all four of Minnesota’s seasons. Once the leaves have faded and turn to a crunchy brown, we still appreciate them.

“Don’t deny it, we have all gone out of our way to step on a crunchy leaf just for the satisfaction of hearing the crunch.”

“I like the fall because the crisp air combined with the changing fall colors makes for a good aesthetic,” Mowbray said. Driving up the hill to campus is a treat in general, but when the leaves are all a tinted red and orange, driving up College Avenue is just that much more breathtaking.

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