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By Anh Tran - Staff Writer | October 3, 2018 | Gustie of the Week, Variety

Eidahl enjoys participating in music and leadership activities.

Eidahl enjoys participating in music and leadership activities.

Junior ReAnn Eidahl is pursuing a communication studies major and double minors in management and history. She feels honored to represent Gusties as Gustie of the Week.

She is a tour guide for the admissions office, Vice President of Marketing for Gustavus Women in Leadership, Special Event Executive for the Campus Activities Board, and Alto II in the Choir of Christ Chapel.

The junior is well-known by her peers and professors for her positivity, perseverance, excellence, sympathy, and faith.

Having lived in China for nine years before moving to the US, Eidahl identifies as Chinese and considers Chinese culture a major part of her identity.

Born and raised by an independent and successful business person, Eidahl looks up to her mom as the idol, and ultimate role model of her life.

Eidahl grew up witnessing her mom’s extraordinary performance as the breadwinner of the family and later as a single mom who managed to maintain her own business, bring up her daughter, and settle down their lives in a new country.

Thus, Eidahl aspires to become a successful business person. The junior also attributes this aspiration to the Chinese culture which values entrepreneurship and leadership.

Engrained with business culture in her mind, Eidahl came to Gustavus two years ago, set on studying “something business-related because that’s what [her] family does.”

“It wasn’t until I took my FTS with Becky Fremo, when I wrote papers and gave presentations and received hints like “comm major?” from her that I decided to take some communications classes and later really enjoyed them,” Eidahl said.

She was intrigued by the content discussed in communications classes and finds that these classes fit her personality and strengths well.

While studying the “soft” skills that enable her to “connect with people and learn how to market different things” in her major department, Eidahl explores the rules and mechanisms of the business world in her management minor classes.

The junior decided to minor in history last year after a class with Professor Obermiller, where she learned that history classes challenged her critical thinking and broadened her global perspective immensely.

This year, as a special event executive for the Campus Activities Board, Eidahl planned and organized the Homecoming events—which are taking place this week—and is also in charge of the President’s Ball.

Eidahl feels happy and proud to see her plans coming into motion after half a year of planning, preparing, and working under pressure.

Eidahl is described as an “inspiring student leader”.

Eidahl is described as an “inspiring student leader”.

Besides her work for CAB, Eidahl is also working on a big communication project as Vice President of Marketing for Gustavus Women in Leadership.

The communication studies major is renovating the Gustavus Women in Leadership website promoting campus events while managing simultaneous the organization’s social media.

Gustavus Women in Leadership’s Faculty Adviser Kathi Tunheim praised Eidahl’s performance in the organization as “excellent, innovative, above and beyond expectation,” especially because this year the organization’s membership count has grown to 240 members.

Having taught Eidahl in her Organizational Behavior course last year, Professor Kathi Tunheim is impressed by Eidahl’s performance as a top reader and top writer of the class despite her being the only young sophomore alongside juniors and seniors.

Professor Tunheim shared that Eidahl was also a great public speaker and team member who contributed significantly to the group project.

Eidahl’s communication skills proved outstanding through her interaction with independent clients during her big group project for Organizational Behavior.

“[Eidahl] is an inspiring student leader who will go far in her career and her personal life. She has what it takes now to be successful in the future.” Professor Tunheim shared.

Agreeing with Professor Tunheim, Senior communication studies major Mallory Arnold describes Eidahl: “She is a very inspirational person. She is very driven in that whatever she does, she puts her whole heart into it.”

As Eidahl’s best friend and roommate, Arnold also shared that Eidahl is a great friend and companion as she is a very empathetic listener who cares about those around her and always thinks about them first.

“She tries really hard to develop deep, meaningful personal relationships with everyone she is around, whether it be in the classroom, at work, or with her friends. She cares a lot about treating other people with kindness and respect,” Arnold said.

Eidahl loves interacting with people and therefore she does not mind keeping herself busy with the wide range of activities that she is involved in.

However, the Gustie of the Week points out that Gusties do not have to pressure themselves to be that perfect image of a Gustie who is overinvolved in social activities.

“Gusties are scared of not being the perfect type of Gustavus student, of not fitting the mould that they think is perfect. But you don’t have to. Just give yourself some time, do what you like. Don’t be afraid of trying or being rejected because it is more important to learn how to get back up and move forward. You always learn from the experience and it is important to make the most out of your life,” Eidahl said. 

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