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CAB hosts Harbour for fall concert: The new year kicks off with a visit from the indie-rock band | The Gustavian Weekly

By Jack Wiessenberger - News Writer | September 14, 2018 | News

Harbour performs for Gustavus students and staff in the Eckman Mall.

Harbour performs for Gustavus students and staff in the Eckman Mall.

The Campus Activities Board wasted no time getting the entertainment rolling this year. 

At 8:00 p.m. on Friday Sept. 7, Gustavus hosted the indie rock band Harbour at the Eckman Mall outside the Campus Center. 

The band played original songs for about an hour in front of dozens of Gustavus students. 

The music, however, was loud enough to be heard and enjoyed by students all over campus.

“WE ARE HARBOUR. Harbour is a five-piece indie/pop/rock group that brings a youthful, energetic vibe to their native Cincinnati, Ohio. Since their formation in 2014, this band has wasted no time creating a buzz,” states the band’s website. 

Lead vocalist Ryan Green, guitarists Matt Starcher and Marshall Sallee, along with bassist Levi Snyder and percussionist Ryan Sulken formed the band together in their hometown of Lebanon, Ohio. 

They have since toured much of the United States. 

Soon after their departure from Gustavus, the band will head to the southwestern part of the country for a series of concerts. 

The band has a total of three albums: “Harbour” (released in April 2014), “With Love” (released in August 2015), and “Heatwave” (released in August 2017). 

The band also has a number of singles that were released in between their albums. 

Their most recent song, titled “Waiting on the Weekend”, was released in July 2018. 

Harbour played many of their newer songs at the concert as well as some older ones.

“I don’t listen to a lot of indie rock or anything, but I was pleasantly surprised,” First-year Abby Olson said. 

“I had a lot of fun. I was standing up at the front. [The band was] lively and looked like they were having a blast and a half and I feel like that made it a million times better.” 

The crowds of pumped-up students seemed to electrify the band. 

“My favorite part was how they were so excited to see how many of us students came and had a good time… It was a great way to kick off Friday night.” Olson added. 

Similarly, First-year Reid Johnson said “Indie rock isn’t my type of music, but I had a good time at the concert. It was a good way to celebrate finishing our first week of classes.” 

First-year students seemed to be intrigued by the on-campus show. 

Many of the concert goers were first-years.

The concert was titled “Back to School Concert: Harbour” by the Campus Activity Board. 

In charge of the event for the Campus Activity Board was Mallory Butchko. 

“The Back-to-School concert on Friday night was an upbeat and awesome event to kick off the first weekend at Gustavus. Students seemed to really enjoy the band and were extremely excited to meet them after the concert.” Butchko stated. 

The band was down-to-earth enough to stick around after the show and talk with students. 

“We found Harbour at a conference for Campus Activities. They really stood out to us because you don’t need to know the lyrics to their songs to dance to them.” Butchko said. 

The board found the band through group discussions and decided they were a good option to open the school year. 

“The Back-to-School concert on Friday night was an upbeat and awesome event to kick off the first weekend at Gustavus.” 

-Mallory Butchko

The band’s music, although not very well known, was easy to get into. 

Students danced the night away to the indie rock songs, though many had never heard that genre of music before.

The concert was well received by the students who attended. 

The opportunity to meet and talk with band members after the concert seemed to make the concert much more personal for the students. 

Students appreciated the good music and the relaxed attitudes of the performers. 

At the end of the concert Ryan Sulken, the band’s drummer, even gave away the drumsticks he used during the show to a few lucky students. 

“Students really enjoyed the band, and it was a great alcohol-alternative event.” Butchko claimed. 

The Campus Activity Board is looking for more opportunities for alcohol-alternative events in the future. 

“The Campus Activities Board provides alcohol-alternative programming throughout the entire year. Students who are not interested in partying on the weekends have the option of coming to our events, and are able to meet other students who want to hang out and have fun without having to drink,” Butchko said.

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