Minnesota Private College Career and Internship Fair to be held February 27

On February 27, sophomores, juniors, and seniors from a number of private colleges around the state, including Gustavus, will have the opportunity to attend the Minnesota Private College Career and Internship Fair.

This exciting event will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and promises to be a valuable experience for those who attend.

“The Minnesota Private College Job and Internship Fair is an excellent opportunity for Gustavus students to interact with well over 250 employers from Minnesota and across the nation,” said Gustavus Career Development Specialist Jess Franta said.

“Attendees have the opportunity to meet, apply, and interview for full-time and internship positions from many of the leading employers like Target, US Bank, The Boom Lab, and more.”

Held annually for over 35 years, the Career and Internship Fair has been called the best job fair in the state by several top employers, and part of what makes it such a successful event is the chances it gives registered students to connect with potential employers and explore different career options.

“For sophomores and juniors, it’s a great opportunity to interact with companies of all sizes and industries and explore endless opportunities and potential internships,” Franta said.

“It can also provide great access to top employers who want to hire and meet liberal arts students. Seniors can seek internships and full time positions, and complete an interview the same day as the fair. This one-day opportunity allows students to engage with employers who value the soft skills a liberal arts education provides such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, and being a team player. The Minnesota Private College Job and Internship Fair is a great opportunity for a Gustie to learn about various companies but also showcase their skill set for a variety of roles.”

The Minnesota Private College Career and Internship Fair will also boast a number of fun and interactive features for students interested in securing internships or learning more about potential jobs available, according to Gustavus Director of Career Development Cynthia Favre.

“At 9:30 at the Fair, there is a session for international students to learn about seeking career opportunities in the US…there will also be a photo booth to take professional headshots all day at the Fair.”

Other features and opportunities include an online resume option open to employers who will be at the fair as well as a way for students to schedule actual interviews before the fair itself begins.

“Candidates can post their resume in an online resume book that all the employers can access,” Favre said.

“Today Gustavus is in second place with resumes posted 61, St. Thomas is in first with 90. We could beat them if all our candidates put their resumes in. The fair website has employer info including emails to submit requests for interviews before the fair – you could walk in with interviews already scheduled! There is also a phone app for the MNPC Fair – with a map of the employer booth area marking the employers you want to find.”

Gustie sophomores, juniors, or seniors who wish to register for or learn more about the upcoming Private College Career and Internship Fair can contact the Career Development Office or go to the Fair’s official website at mnpcfair.org for more information.

Franta will also have open office hours every Friday until March 2 for resume reviews and mock interviews, and to answer any questions concerning the fair and registration.

The two buses provided for transportation to the event are nearly full, so the Career Development Department here at Gustavus strongly encourages those interested to take advantage of the exciting opportunity the Minnesota Private College Career and Internship Fair offers.