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Gustie of the Week – Henry Adebisi

By Kayla Cardenas - Staff Writer | April 7, 2017 | Gustie of the Week, variety

Henry’s involvement at Gustavus has left him with many positive experiences.

Henry’s involvement at Gustavus has left him with many positive experiences.

Junior computer science and political science double major Henry Adebisi from White Bear Lake, Minnesota is ready to end his third year at Gustavus on a high note.

Henry is a part of Chapel Choir, PASO, Student Senate, and the Omega Kappa fraternity along with working at the Diversity Center and being a Collegiate Fellow (CF).

Henry has taken advantage of numerous opportunities during his Gustavus career, resulting in worthwhile memories.

“Building Bridges my first year. The topic was rape culture and it was something I had never learned so it was a real eye-opening experience,” Henry said.

Many of his fonder memories revolved around Africa Night.

“Every year it’s always a blast and I always look forward to it.”

Of course, many of these memories ended up forming amazing friendships. Henry made a strong connection with Spencer Kight during their first freshman dive.

“Nobody was dancing,” Kight said, “So he and I randomly went out on the dance floor and did some ‘dirty dancing’ we’ll say, and it was the start of a beautiful friendship!”

Their friendship strengthened over the years here at Gustavus from being fellow CFs to brothers in the Omega Kappa fraternity.

Henry is often seen in the Diversity Center striking up a fun conversation with his friends. His peers love his sense of humor and authenticity.

“He always tells me positive things to build me up and he’s always there for life advice because he’s wise and compassionate,” Kight said. “He’s almost like a second father to me because I often times look for his opinion on certain things and he helps guide me to be a better person.”

In their spare time, the two endulge in their passion of music.

“One of the biggest hobbies and passions that we share is our love for listening to and playing rock and metal music. We usually make time to jam some sick tunes, and we’ve even written a pretty dope song together.”

Along with rocking out with Kight, Henry enjoys a range of activities from working out to playing Dungeons and Dragons while watching/analyzing standup comedy.

Henry has also enjoyed sharing his love of music with the Choir of Christ Chapel.

“My first Christmas in Christ Chapel in which I got to sing in was fantastic. My first year I joined choir the 2nd semester, so I didn’t get the chance to participate in C in CC then. So, sophomore year it made the experience fun and meaningful.”

Kight confirms that Henry has got “an absolutely beautiful singing voice.”

Respectable, creative, and authentic are common words people close to Henry describe him as.

“Henry is very creative, both in terms of his musical talent but also in how he approaches problems and new situations.” Henry’s academic advisor Katherine Knutson said.

“Henry gives a lot of respect to everyone and gets respect in return,” Kight said.

Knutson and Kight also express that Henry upholds the Leadership pillar; one of Gustavus’s key values.

“In our fraternity, I’ve seen him take leadership roles on and always be a team player. He constantly tries to help out and set a good example for other people to follow,” Kight said.

“Henry is a leader on campus in a way that isn’t pretentious or dominating; instead, he leads through his service to his community,” Knutson said.

As the ground thaws and the sun shines down on this last part of the school year, this Junior Gustie of the Week has already started to think about his future after Gustavus.

“My dream job is to be an Immigration Attorney; however, I think I am probably going to end up working for the Minnesota government in some way,” Henry said.

Traveling is also on his mind. Henry has not studied abroad during his time at Gustavus, however he would love to visit Japan in the future.