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Gustie of the Week – Mara Klipfel

By Kristi Manning - Staff Writer | March 17, 2017 | Gustie of the Week, variety

Mara’s bubbly and friendly personality made her welcome at Gustavus.

Mara’s bubbly and friendly personality made her welcome at Gustavus.

Mara Klipfel is a Senior, Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology double Major from Shakopee, Minnesota.

As a transfer student, Mara was welcomed to campus by her new classmates, and was excited to start her journey as a Gustie.

Aside from being a Gustie Greeter, Mara is also the secretary for the Gustavus Athletic Trainers’ Association (GATA).

“My favorite memory is when I found out I had gotten into the athletic training and exercise physiology programs, living with my best friends,” Mara said.

Mara’s dream job is to be a physician assistant, and after graduation she hopes to get a job either as an athletic trainer or as a CNA for direct patient care hours.

Mara’s double major and extra involvement with GATA and Greeters keep her pretty busy, but when she does have a little down time she makes the most of it by doing things she loves, and surrounding herself with the people she cares about most.

“Right now I’m studying for my Board of Certification exam, but I like to be outdoors and be around friends and family,” Mara said.

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer Ashley Krug is one of Mara’s instructors in the Athletic Training Program.

Krug has gotten to know Mara  through the Athletic Training Program, and has described her as energetic, compassionate and genuine.

“We can always count on her to be there for us whenever we need a hug or someone to talk to.” — Callie Johnson

“While interacting with Mara or observing her interact with her patients, friends, or colleagues, she is full of energy, compassion and is genuine in her interactions with others,” Krug said.

As a mentor for Mara, Krug has also seen her carry out many of the Gustavus core values in her daily interactions.

“Mara expresses the values of Gustavus wherever she goes. Mara is dedicated to achieving excellence in all that she does, shows concern and mutual respect to not only Gustavus community members, but to everyone she encounters.  Mara is also a leader in service and the notion of giving back,” Krug said.

Although Mara has multiple characteristics that make her a good friend and student, being dedicated is one of the most prominent characteristics both friends and mentors have seen in Mara.

“Mara is dedicated to her studies and athletic training, she’s dedicated to offering the best care for the patients that she works with as well as dedicated to any other opportunity that she is part of,” Krug said.

From Gustie Greeters to the Gustavus Athletic Trainers’ Association, Mara has no shortage of active roles around campus.

Senior Biology and Psychological Science double Major Callie Johnson is one of Mara’s closest friends, as well as a fellow Gustie Greeter.

“I met Mara sophomore year when she transferred to Gustavus. She lived across the hall from me in Complex and was in a sorority with some of my good friends, and eventually we all became close friends,” Johnson said.

As close friends, Johnson and Mara have made many memories together here at Gustavus, including playing competitive games of spoons, and watching Mara learn new songs.

“One of my favorite things is when Mara wants to learn a new song and sings along to the lyric videos on Youtube for all of us so that she can learn the words,” Johnson said.

Senior, Biology and Spanish Major, Emily Syverud met Mara when they both pledged for Delta Phi Omega.

“I remember running up to her door (we lived on the same floor) and giving her a big hug when we both got our bids, even though I didn’t know her at all,” Syverud said.

“Mara is also a leader in service and the notion of giving back.” — Ashley Krug

She and Mara have become great friends since then and have had some great memories in the time they’ve known each other.

“When I was abroad in Spain we would FaceTime to catch up and always had such a good time laughing and telling stories even though we were really far apart,” Syverud said.

Krug, Syverud, and Johnson all had nothing but positive things to say about Mara who they see as an outstanding role model for other Gusties.

“Mara is loving. She is always so loving and caring toward her friends. We can always count on her to be there for us whenever we need a hug or someone to talk to. She is genuine- you always know she will be honest with you and you never have to worry about her putting on any sort of facade for others. She is never afraid to be unapologetically herself no matter who is around,” Johnson said, “She is bubbly- you can always count on her to bring a smile to your face and put you in a good mood with her upbeat demeanor and happy, bubbly personality. We all love her.”