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Gustie of the Week – Chase Adelsman

By Josh Monson - Staff Writer | November 18, 2016 | Gustie of the Week, variety

Chase Adelsman is an entertainer, balloon artist, and a worthwhile friend.

Chase Adelsman is an entertainer, balloon artist, and a worthwhile friend.

Chase is one of the most humorous, talented, and loving people you could have the pleasure of meeting on this campus. He can command and dominate any dinner table banter while still letting those around him know that they are valued and welcome. In the words of his friend Georgia Bebler, “He’s a gentle boy.”

Chase is a senior who keeps himself quite involved on campus. He is a member of the nationally recognized fraternity SAE as well as a student worker for the outreach program GusLink. There, he speaks with members of the larger Gustavus community about philanthropy and expresses gratitude for what they have done for the college.

You may have also seen Chase during Family Weekend or other such events exercising one of his more interesting skills: balloon twisting. He is quite dexterous in the art, and it’s a real treat to watch him labor at his craft; receiving a colorful balloon animal, crown or flower is just an added bonus.

Originally picked up as a part-time job, balloon twisting has grown into something that Chase truly enjoys both personally, and also due to the joy his squeaky creations so clearly bring to others.

“Regardless of opinion or expectation, don’t let opportunities go to waste. Cynicism will only exacerbate your problems.” — Chase Adelsman

“I’ve been doing it for longer than I originally imagined,” Chase said on the subject, “but I love doing it.”

These activities show Chase’s knack for communication, as well as his love for entertaining and bringing joy to others. However, nowhere is this more exemplified than in Chase’s primary Gustavus involvement: Theatre.

Chase is a theatre major, and if you know anything about the department, you know that that can be a massive time commitment even outside of classwork.

Just this previous academic year, Chase played a role in all three main-stage shows: Argonautica, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and Endgame. He is an outstanding performer, and can rise to any given part and make it his own.

Bebler expressed her delight at observing this process.

“It’s satisfying to see him take a part that other actors might write off because they were not leading parts, and see how he can develop them into something beautiful and meaningful,” she said.

If you are interested in seeing Chase in his element, he will be performing in Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street this February as the lead, Sweeny himself.

But of course, theatre is nothing if it is not a community of people working towards a common goal. Performances draw in people from all corners of Gustavus, not only theatre majors or minors, but those who are undecided, and those who simply want to try something new.

Chase makes a great effort to let them all know they are welcome, with an abundance of hearty laughter and sincere greetings. One person who has recognized this is another close friend of his, Deb Witherspoon.

“He’s one of the leaders in the theatre department. Sophomores, juniors, and even the new freshmen look up to him.”

Some of the more endearing students even go so far as to call Chase “Dad.”

As far as a typical night out goes for Chase, he and some friends can be seen watching TV, going bowling, or even making McDonalds runs. However, in Chase’s words, “the group of people is what’s important, not the activity.”

“He’s one of the leaders in the theatre department. Sophomores, juniors, and even the new freshman look up to him.” — Deb Witherspoon

For Chase, one of the main vehicles for creating friendships is literally a vehicle.

Trips in Chase’s van lead to some of the best memories, such as one winter night when he and a group of comrades were driving around ring road with the windows down. They made at least three loops, all while belting out Christmas carols, “at that point with no tonality at all,” Chase said.

Chase has potential advice for how to succeed at whatever you decide to do here at Gustavus:

“Regardless of opinion or expectation, don’t let opportunities go to waste. Cynicism will only exacerbate your problems.”

It is nigh on impossible to walk through the caf during the dinner rush on a weeknight without hearing loud discussion and guffawing emanating from Chase; his tasteful use of satire has even lead Deb to refer to him as “Sophomoric: a wise fool.”

His ever-present welcoming spirit, and passion for performance guarantees another friendly face you can meet on campus.

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