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Excitement increaces as Timeflies show approaches

By Marissa Haeny Staff Writer | May 2, 2014 | variety

Tickets are quickly selling out for the upcoming performance, featuring Timeflies and Mike Stud. Creative Commons

Tickets are quickly selling out for the upcoming performance, featuring Timeflies and Mike Stud. Creative Commons

This year’s Spring Concert, as revealed at Midnight Express during finals last semester by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), will be Timeflies, with opening act Mike Stud. While there have been some negative comments around campus regarding this choice, most students are excited for the concert. Some find the event to be exciting, regardless of the artists. Others are genuinely excited about the Timeflies choice and their impending arrival. Sophomore Allie Tufto puts herself in the latter category.

“I’m so excited for Timeflies. They’re a great band with fun music. I think it’ll be a good event,” Tufto said.

Ticket sales reflect the excitement behind this event. According to CAB Concerts Executive and Senior Dylan Bodette, and Publicity Executive and Sophomore Marissa Ramos, the concert is expected to sell out.

“The show is very close to being sold out. So if you didn’t get your ticket yet get them now while they are available,” Ramos said.

“There are 3,000 tickets available for the concert . . . The first 500 people in line at the concert will receive a 6-inch glow stick with ‘Timeflies’ on it that they can light up during the show,” Bodette added.

The performers for the Spring Concert are chosen through an extensive process that accounts for the music preferences on campus, budgeting, and artists availability.

“Before the student body votes, the CAB Concerts Committee makes a huge list of possible artists that could come to Gustavus,” Ramos said.

“We narrowed down the options primarily based on what we could afford within our budget. After getting rid of any option outside of our budget, we contacted the rest of the options to check their availability for the spring of 2014. The committee and I narrowed it down to a Top 5, which were the best options we had based on budget and their availability. We opened it up for the entire campus to vote and after a week of voting, the results showed that Timeflies received the most votes,” Bodette said.

While there has been some dissention over the choice of Timeflies for the Spring Concert, and even the Top 5 choices for voting, Ramos and Bodette acknowledge that finding one artist that will please the entire campus is hard.

“I think that the response has been mostly positive, however it is very rare to find one artist that everyone at Gustavus will like,” Ramos said.

“The concert committee and myself understand that it is almost impossible to please every student on campus, but what we can do is come up with the best possible options we can with the budget we have and get as much campus input as possible,” Bodette said.

For students who are interested in being a part of the artist choices in future years, both Ramos and Bodette encourage looking into CAB’s Concerts Committee, which is the best way to have your opinion heard regarding potential artists.

“The committee is supposed to be a representation of the entire student body and what the campus wants, so the more we have on the committee, the better we can choose the option that best meets the desires of the campus,” Bodette said.

Timeflies and Mike Stud will be on campus Friday, May 9. Tickets are available online at, and the event is open to the general public.

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