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Women’s golf: Improving their technique every day

By Kelsey Hering Staff Writer | April 18, 2014 | Sports & Fitness

Junior Lauren Johnson followed through a  shot at a tournament this fall. The women are excited about the opportunity the nice weather gives them to get back on the green. Gustavus Sports Information

Junior Lauren Johnson followed through a shot at a tournament this fall. The women are excited about the opportunity the nice weather gives them to get back on the green. Gustavus Sports Information

Being involved in a sport is not something everyone would see as a privilege, but this does not hold true for the women’s golf team. For Junior Sam Falk, the numerous trip opportunities as well as their new facility are some of the things that make her grateful for the program.

“We have one of the greatest golf programs in the nation and I would argue that with anyone. The benefits that come with this program are unreal,” Falk said.

This year the team traveled to Arizona in March, followed by a trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Not only did they enjoy getting away from the cold, but Junior Lauren Johnson said it served as a learning and bonding opportunity for the entire team.

“As a result of our spring break trip, not only has our game improved, but we have become so much closer,” Johnson said.

Both the men’s and women’s teams are coached together by Scott Moe and assistant coaches Randy Stuckey and Jordan Hawkinson. Lauren Johnson says all three coaches bring different elements of knowledge and creativity to the team.

“They are always willing to help us work on our game and make course decisions,” Johnson said.

It’s each element of knowledge that has given the team the confidence to take everything their coaches say to heart.

“Our coaches know the game of golf very well so when they give feedback I strongly take it into consideration and use it to my advantage,” Falk said.

Coach Moe says the most enjoyable thing about coaching the golf team is that every single day on the course is different.

“It is different every day and each player is different, so you have to coach the individual, and you develop a great relationship with the student athletes. Over the four years, they grow so much as players and as people. It’s a very rewarding experience,” Moe said.

It’s that experience that drives him to teach his team new things every single day.

“A golf team needs to have the motivation to try new things, even though it might not work right away, and this group has done a nice job of putting our teachings into play, which continues to motivate us,” Moe said.

Just like other spring sports, the women have had to undergo a constant battle against Mother Nature, but despite how brutal Mother Nature has fought, a small ray of sunlight gives the team enough motivation to last them an entire 18 holes on the course. Despite the cool temperatures, the team is always optimistic and pride themselves on believing in one another.

“Every girl on our team has so much potential and we’re all so supportive of one another making our team chemistry awesome,”Falk said.

The team has made it their mission to make it to Nationals this year, and to do that they plan to be on top of their game at their next four tournaments.

Coach Scott Moe has no doubt that the team is capable to go all the way this year.

“It is a difficult road to the NCAA tournament in May. We have very strong competition within our region and conference, but I believe we can play well enough to get an at large bid and play great at Nationals in Florida,” Moe said.

Moe says it’s not about the number of wins or losses, rather it’s about the effort put in.

“I have no reason not to believe in our team. If they put forth the effort every day, we will enjoy success,” Moe said.

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