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Campus Safety Report (4/18/2014)

By The Weekly Staff | April 18, 2014 | Campus safety report

Wednesday, March 26

  • Campus Safety performed a welfare check on a student in Norelius Hall.
  • Campus Safety received a report of two students cited by the Saint Peter Police Department on Saturday, March 15 for underage consumption and one of the students was cited for underage drinking and driving while on College grounds.

Thursday, March 27

  • Two students while on College grounds were cited for an of-age alcohol violation.
  • Campus Safety responded to a medical assist in Pittman Hall. A non-Gustavus student was transported to the Saint Peter Emergency Room. The non-Gustavus student was cited by Campus Safety for underage consumption of alcohol. A Gustavus student was cited by Campus Safety for underage possession of alcohol and a social host violation.
  • Campus Safety took a report of theft in the Jackson Campus Center.
  • A Campus Safety Officer responded to Beck Hall for a medical assist.

Saturday, March 29

  • Collegiate Fellows documented an underage alcohol violation in Uhler Hall involving one student.

Saturday, April 5

  • Campus Safety documented vandalism on College grounds.

Monday, April 7 

  • A Gustavus employee reported vandalism in Norelius Hall.

Tuesday, April 8

  • A student reported the theft of unsecured personal property in the Lund Center.

Wednesday, April 9

  • A Gustavus employee reported the loss of campus key to Campus Safety.

Thursday, April 10

  • Two students were cited for underage consumption while in Pittman Hall.

Friday, April 11 

  • Eight students while in Uhler Hall were cited by Campus Safety for underage consumption of alcohol. Two students were cited for underage possession of alcohol. One student was cited for failure to comply with a College official. One student was cited for destruction/damage/vandal of property. Two students were cited for a College policy violation. Two students were cited for a social host violation.

Saturday, April 12

  • Two students while on College grounds were cited by Campus Safety for drug/narcotic and drug equipment violations. One student was cited for an underage possession of alcohol.
  • Two students while inside the Swanson Tennis Center gates were cited by Campus Safety for suspicious activity. One student was cited for underage consumption of alcohol.

Sunday, April 13

  • Collegiate Fellows responded to an alcohol violation in Rundstrom Hall involving six students.
  • Collegiate Fellows documented suspicious activity in North Hall.
  • Campus Safety responded to a report of damage/vandalism in Sorensen hall. A fire extinguisher had been discharged.
  • A Collegiate Fellow and Campus Safety officer responded to a noise violation in Arbor View Apartments.

Case dispositions are available online by viewing the daily crime log on the Campus Safety web page:

Tip of the Week:


Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 21-25, 2014. Each day of the week focuses on different weather-related hazards as follows: 

Monday: alerts and warnings

Tuesday: severe weather, lightning and hail 

Wednesday: flooding 

Thursday: tornadoes (with statewide tornado drills) 

Friday: extreme heat 

More information on these topics is available on the Minnesota Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website at

Two statewide tornado drills will occur on Thursday, April 24  (1:45 p.m. and 6:55 p.m.) and the Police Department will be testing emergency sirens at each of those times. During the test, outdoor warning sirens and NOAA weather radios will both sound in a simulated tornado warning. The first drill is intended for institutions and businesses. The evening drill is intended for second shift workers and families.

Severe weather information and campus shelter locations are located on the Campus Safety web page:

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